Why did i buy this game .

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Maybe you like to be told when you can and cannot play games but I sure don't. Instead of having D3 be a DRM "lock & key" game that forces your hand to stay connected to play single OR multiplayer does not make sense. It's taking away the right to play a game when I want to play the game, simple as that. It's a mistake and I hope they eventually patch a "offline" single player mode as it should of had from the get go.
No matter what anyone else says I feel totally justified in waiting 12 yrs and paying 60$ for a game I can't play, what about the rest of you?
I didn't think it would run smoothly at all but even saying that I thought with a physical copy of the game I would be able to at least install it. I haven't even gotten past the updating setup files. It just stops working and every single fix that people have posted have either not worked or I have been unable to find the files they say are there.

So after waiting for 3 hours on the tech support phone to just get hung up on. Their phones are down so I cant reach some one I have a worthless disc I paid 60 dollars for. At this point it might be another week before I can play the game as today and tomorrow are my days off and unless they stay open late into the evening or weekends it will be next Tuesday before I can even attempt to call some one again to help me.

I have always appreciated that blizzard took the time to make sure their games were done before they ever tried to release them. This was a huge disappointment in a company I had high respect for.
05/15/2012 12:58 PMPosted by Caramon
what was the point of buying this game, i mean every time ive tried to log in i cant even play. got in for like an hour last nite then got disconnected and couldnt log back in. i mean seriously this is bs

Oh NOs! I paed $60 fur a game I ony wanned pay fo one day!!!!!

Stop being a child. You can play the game another day, like the rest of us.

The people being children are the ones that can't comprehend how business works. If we don't complain they will keep doing launches like this. Since most of the people on here have the mentality you do (devoid of any logic) that is why this is the 5th consecutive Blizzard launch with horrible server bugs.
Should never not have access to somthing you purchased, im not paying a subscription here, i paid for a full working product.. that is not what I received. I understand alot of people are trying to play.. that is not my fault, I shouldnt have to plan for issues, with a product that is suppose to be finished and complete. I meet all the requirements, i have my active internet connections, what i dont have is a active server to connect to wich is provided by blizzard, not ok, trying to stop people from pirateing the game has stopped loyal customers who paid you to play this game.. was the beta test for graphic issues and not network? never had this problem with any other non MMO game..
Called in sick this morning and have been playing since about 10:00 EST. The "emergency server maintenance" this afternoon was the first hiccup I've had. Luckily my disc copy installed perfectly. I hope you other folks experiencing bs can play soon.
Let's hope this is bt gonna happen EVERYTIME we wana play D3...I dun wish to be spending 6 hrs to log on just to play for an hr or 2 everyday...
Hey... thats a hard word... experience... like, necesarry... or whatever.
ahhhhh just shut up you whinners.....just go and play the last act of Diablo 2 while you are waiting for the servers.
Seriously what did u guys expect? It was like this in Wow too and its hard to make the servers run without complications when its released.
they will get it fixed ,, give them a second geez.. stop being so impatient
WHO GIVES A CRAP ABOUT PRE-ORDERS... You !@#$% saying "Herp What MMO is ready day 1 derp?"

This isnt an MMO, its you and 3 of your friends + a community auction house. There is NO reason not to have a single player campaign separated from a Multiplayer - THIS IS WHAT PEOPLE ARE ^-*!@ING ABOUT.

There is no point to be logged in when you're playing alone, so cut the excuses.

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