Why did i buy this game .

Technical Support
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In all likelihood this will be fixed with the maintenance.
this is a waste of time and money
You guys must have never played an online game before on it's release date.
god you people are dumb.
05/15/2012 01:19 PMPosted by Icehowl
Your retarded, CCP (Eve Online) has a single persistent server connection, with all users around the globe connecting, "to a single server".

And in total about 200k constant connections which is about 10% of D3 right now.
So much QQ
Your retarded, CCP (Eve Online) has a single persistent server connection, with all users around the globe connecting, "to a single server". They have zero issues, and also know how to quell the masses. Blizzard is a business, whose sole purpose is profit. They don't care about the gamer experience. If they did, they'd have gone the extra mile to make sure things ran smoothly before official launch day. How many people do you think paid 100 for the Collectors Edition, psyched themselves up for the launch day, (JUST TO PLAY), and find out there 100 video game was no better than a parking ticket to a concert they cant get into. If your not here to join in the sorrows, go make a thread called, I am a %!@%# so here is why I like to brown nose for beta keys and enjoy free rear entry love.

Well said, I couldn't agree more.

Although, it is funny watching all the kiss-arses brown nose their way to the next beta. Furthermore, most of them don't have jobs so what do they care? lulz[/quote]

The game cost 60, just like every other game. If you want a fancy little usb drive and an artbook, well thats you. This was the most presold game ever.... Its day 1 of a multi year journey. Take the time the servers are down to eat, take a shower, take a nap, or whatever. Yall sound like 10 year olds, is there nothing else going on in your life??
Blizzard/Activision runs this game afaik EA has nothing to do with it.
ROFL, LAUNCHES are like this. All of them. Not just Blizzard, but with server based games, it happens.

I never take the day off for launches.
05/15/2012 12:58 PMPosted by Trillo

I'd say they got what they deserved for having poor priorities.

+1 to that.

How exactly is that poor priorities? If someone took the day off to go to the waterpark and it rained out do they have poor prioritization?

Most jobs give you vacation time and they might have just used that for the day, or if they work for a wage they might have taken this day off instead of another during the week.

Noithing to do with priories, unless they just abandoned something important
D2 launch had a launch as rough as this yet today most people are like D2 had problems at launch?!? NO WAY D2 was/is so awesome!!! All this delay is doing for me is building up excitement. Raging never solves anything, just be patient...
The reason that you have to be logged in when playing alone is because the Auction House will be dealing with REAL MONEY and if you are not logged in, you then have the ability to tamper with game files and find a way to game the auction system, literally STEALING from Blizzard and using their software to make a living.

They have no other way to monitor loot drops and checkpoints unless you are logged in, even in single player.
I'll add this after watching the launch for the past 24 hours. For a company of the size and reputation of Blizzard, considering what is required as far as cost of the game and the multiplayer restrictions, this should not have gone down as it did.

Blizzard knows how many game units were sold and what the server load would look like. It's like they just accepted the fact that there would inevitably be thousands (millions?) of frustrated customers on launch day. And that's exactly what I'm reading from the apologists in this thread. "What do you expect?" Well, as a paying customer I expect things to work as designed not later but now, after I've forked over my money.

Almost all the frustration would have been avoided if either an offline or LAN option had been inluded even if doing so meant separating the characters created for those modes from Battle.net.That not having been done, we all are living with a certain amount of Launch Failure.
The phrase "it's a new blizzard game, expect day one issues" is a bit overused. It is not a good thing for a company to raise a reputation of launch issues. A company should not be proud that when the biggest PC game of the year hits, its poor launch is met with "well it was going to happen." Indeed a new game will have issues, but when the same company gets the SAME issues every game they release, it starts to wear on us as customers, and mars their seemingly untarnished reputation. I was able to play for about 6 hours, and the game is absolutely amazing. Very well worth the hype, and the server waits. Yet for some reason that doesnt seem to make blizzard seem any less unprepared for launch...
"ERROR: The file 'C:\Users\Public\Desktop\Diablo III.ink.temp' could not be created. If this problem persists, please contact please contact Blizzard Technical Support. (InstallerFile::Create)"

I too am getting this error msg over and over... and i gotta admit im unhappy with the product and the tech service... considering i has hardcore with parts 1 & 2 i hate to see such a rotten piece of trash sold to me.... and the time i waited.... dont even get me started.
"ERROR: The file 'C:\Users\Public\Desktop\Diablo III.ink.temp' could not be created. If this problem persists, please contact please contact Blizzard Technical Support. (InstallerFile::Create)"


Run as administrator. Also, make sure that file doesn't already exist in the location specified.

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