Witch Doctor 4k - 8k (Crit) Damage Dire Bats

Witch Doctor
well better use it while you can, this will surely get nerfed fairly soon.
How about


*Adds in another passive 30% from Pierce the Veil
*+20% with Hex/Jinx (possibly 30% if it's based 10% + 20% rune, not sure if Jinx rune improves Hex to 20% or by 20% and can almost spam that on cooldown with Soul Harvest).
*Then, every 2mins enemies take 20% more damage while you and your group also do 30% more from Big Bad Voodoo and Slam Dance.

Is that too mana heavy, or is the player in the video using any of this? If not, it will be interesting to see how fast this build could melt enemies if mana isn't too big of a hinderance and how much higher Bats can go.

Can even switch Poison Dart to use Spined Dart rune for mana, or use Toads at 0 cost later on
That was fun. Got my WD to 7 before servers went down again.. back to theorycrafting.
how do i get rid of poison dart and move bats to left trigger?
enable elective mode. options, gameplay.

i don't think this will get nerfed anytime soon. plenty of time to use it to farm inferno. go go easy mode
Hope they don't nerf Direbats, i find he normal firebats so lackluster.

Small AoE, you stand still dealing damage and unless they die instantly you take dmg.

Edit: The guy on the stream is 48... so yes , people know.

Honestly when using with grasp you can easilly avoid most damage, and the regular bats + 5 stack Harvest is AMAZING. Just go in, pop harvest, pop grasp (by then they are stacked near you), back up 3 step and Firebat them down in 2-3 ticks. Spirit walk and Horrify is what I use for those "oh!@#$" moments.

Just treat firebats as you would a flamethrower type of weapon: you dont need to be right next to the enemy, you have a mid-range margin.

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