Diablo III: Emergency Maintenance *Updated*

Technical Support
Emergency Maintenance *Updated* for the 2nd time today. When will it be back up-on!?
The first one went down around about 1 hour and didn't stay up for an hour before it went back down again. How long are we looking for this Update to take?
As soon as possible.
As soon as possible, what do you mean by that?

5 hours?
I'm not looking for this weekend that is for sure!
Meanwhile, in Europe.
3:30pm PDT, so another 28 minutes likely.

All of the information on the latest issues are on the bottom right hand side of the log-in screen for D3

Hope that helps.
Europe realms work, not much difference in the slow mo gaming though.
The sticky seems to be staying up to date too:

have they fixed the problems with the agent/exe where you can't even get the game downloaded yet?

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