Game doesn't recognize achievements

Bug Report
Just finished playing through the first part of the game, (till the beta ends basically) but i din't get a SINGLE achievement in the whole time. I played both multi and single, did the bones quest, killed the king, reached level ten....not a single achievement unlocked! HELP!
same here, have 0 achievements after killing the king
I got all the achievement notifications and they were in my in game achievement menu, but upon logging back in they all reset.
Same here. I was playing co-op but while my co-op partner was getting achievements for things I have nothing! I don't even have progress on the `pick up gold` achievements.
Ok it's not just me, yea this bug really sucks. Options and achs reset if you log out. I finally got on, and stayed on and played till just after killing the SK. Then logged out, was gonna head off to bed but decided to log back in real quick, this is when I noticed all my achs were gone.
I got achieve without any notification ???? It haven't even display.
Same thing. I had got up to level 10, done act 1 things up to killing the king, and had 80 points in achievements. When I logged out and logged back in, I have one achievement now (think it is an explore one). I opened up the scavenge one that I did get, and it does show over 5000 progress, but I had finished it :(.
Same problem as the opening post. Played for several hours, until I defeated the SK, but didn't get a single achievement.

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