Artifacts while running SLI

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When I run SLI (2 GTX 460's 768MB) I get artifacting and chess patterns while playing. If I turn SLI off it works great. Even though the game runs perfect without SLI turned on, I think this may be an issue for some people. I uninstalled and reinstalled the latest drivers from Nvidia, same issue.

Has anyone else run into this?
I am having the same issue with my ATI Mobility Radeon 4530 on my notebook and ive updated the drivers and applied the hotfix with no success.
I have the same problems running a single gtx 590 (has 2 gpus) in sli. With sli off I have no problems but the game runs so much better on SLI. Still haven't found a fix trying different drivers and what not.

What power supply do you have? I called evga and they mentioned it's either the motherboard/psu/graphics card. What is odd is the first week I played D3 SLI worked great, it's a problem that has been getting worse or happened with a new D3 hotfix.

Although I encounter all sorts of weird artifacts (weird diagnol line tearing and more), here's one I got a screen shot of.
I went into the nvidia control panel and under the rendering nvidia logo moved the slider to "quality" vs "performance". All my issues are gone. Granted I had one screen go black for a second so I think this card is showing signs of use/problems.

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