Acts too short?

Lore and Story
Given I only just finished Act 1, but anyone find it really short? Don't get me wrong, I am already pulled into the story(I played d1 and d2). But maybe that's the reason I find it way too short for 1 Act. If the last 3 Act were also this short, I can't really see that much of story being told.
Maybe I am very slow but it took me almost 4 hours to beat Act one and that was far from going for 100% completion on side quests. The people I played through the act with were also pretty impressed with how long it was. It feels like at least twice as much content as an act in D2 had.

The enemy variety in each act also blew me away. There seemed to be more unique enemy types in act one normal than in most of D2 proper (almost no reskinning of previous monsters).
From a single player's perspective

IMO, I thought it was decently long. Longer than D2 at least. At least from a "explore everything" POV. I never just plowed through either game's Act 1 in single player.
I also thought it was a bit short, but mind you It may just be because I powered through the act without doing any sidequests, and also the fact that I played the open beta relentlessly and killed the skeleton king at least 20 times, so I was subconciously not counting that as part of the act.

But now that I look back at it, there is QUITE a bit of content in the first act...

Were there any sideish quests that weren't directly related to the quest itself and needed for progression?
There are several sidequests which have nothing to do with the main story, like one of the 3 tombs has one about these chalices - that was in the beta even, and then after there's one with a farm that you have to clear
Why rush trying to be the game? ENJOY IT.
I am taking my time with the game still in act one and for sure this act is way longee then d1 and d2
Act 1 and act 2 was just right in terms of content. If you find them short you'll cry at act 3 especially act 4. I think i completed act 4 like an hour.
Im up to 6 hours and haven't finished act 1 yet. (I'm my Barbarian)
I am only first few quests of Act II of Diablo III. Probably cos playing Barbarian, Witch Doctor and Wizard about the same time, going through everything, and going back again.

Just trying to gain more experiences, in between solo playing and playing in public games. Like to take my time and experience the game fully. I even have died many times too during the game. Haha

Really enjoying this third game and I've played the original first Diablo and most on Diablo II.
Act I was decently lengthy, especially with all the running around outside trying to find dungeons and such. Act II took forever and reminded me of Dungeon Siege II...and one of the God of War games...and SWTOR...and honestly why do people keep coming up with ways to make stuff happen in the desert mid-level. Act III was nearly my favorite until another one of those wide open fields where you had to search for objectives, but the fighting in the keep made up for it (and yes, Asmodan was waaaay too weak, definitely should've been 25% bigger and 100% more difficult, even on normal). Act IV went by in an hour, but the Diablo fight was decent. Kinda wanted more to be going on, especially now that I know he was the final boss (was in the Shakespeare mindset so I expected a fifth act), but it was still challenging without being too frustrating. Don't worry though, apparently nightmare and the other hard modes will take forever and involve you digging yourself out of your own grave more than Mick Jagger and Keith Richards have had to themselves combined.
I think it is very appropriate for a diablo game, honestly I am at what seems like the very end of the game and I am most excited about moving on the nightmare to appreciate the new challenges that will bring.

Lovin the game though
It is long enough, though I did expect it to be a bit longer since they spent so long in development. I still think there is an act missing, there are some stuff left unanswered.
it took me 7 hours...who´s slow now :)
While doing them on higher difficulties, you will wish they were shorter.
Act I and II were amazing along with the start of act III but after that it felt like they just said screw it lets just release it.
ACT II is the longest and most "annoying" if you are trying to rush through the game. Lots of exploring to do and gathering (talking about Khuul's....things lol)
Well I finished Normal yesterday. And I can safely say the game is maybe 2/3 of D2 length, without LOD. So yeah they're shorter. The storytelling is poor as well. So is character building.

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