Am I the only one who remembers WoW launch?

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Couldn't play for the first two days.

Day One, the lag was unbearable and unplayable, loot a mob, and sit there for 5 minutes until you alt-f4.

People were outraged and called the game a failure.

Eight years later, WoW is still the most popular computer game to date.

People QQing that D3 is down and blah blah stop being drama queens. I know you will be back to play the game tommorow or the day after or even a month from now when things are all perfect.
I remember it well! And wow was much worse than this!
i wasnt there at the time but i heard it took months to get the about 80% of the game to work right
League of Legends is more popular
Yes but wow was an online game! this is a single player game where you can play with a few friends at a time. totally different.
I remember WoW launch. I am with you there. :)
A bad launch 7 years ago isn't an excuse for a bad launch today.
Yeah, and it's a damn shame they learned nothing from it, apparently.
The thing is you would of thought they would of learned from WoW....
Real complainers. I love that they want "reimbursement". This is why I didn't take launch day off.
Mannoroth is full.
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WoW is an MMO, this is not.

Am I the only one that remembers when games where released and you could actually play them the moment you bought them? You know, just put the game in your pc, install it, and play it? Tell me I am not the only person above the age of 20 on this forum.
Unfortunately this argument only supports the numerous (and not necessarily incorrect) criticism towards an always-online system of play.
The server I started on was one of the servers that was permanently wiped due to a hardware failure. I remember Blizzard reimbursing my account for missing days played.

WoW's launch was quite awful.

Conan's launch was the worst, by far.
I'm Twenty-Three. But I dont think anyone could anticipate the amount of players wanting to log in at a single time.

I'm honestly willing to guess that the number of people playing is in the millions.

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