Screen Turns Black and alt tabs me out.

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same card it runs up to 73-74 degrees and the kernel mode driver stop responding
Hello guys,

We've been continuing to work with Nvidia, trying to isolate this issue further. The logs have been great but we'd like to get some of the affected systems into a test lab at Nvidia and check them out.

We're specifically looking for systems that are getting the black screen issue but are *not* overheating. If you're in the Bay area and can help out, please follow the steps below to get in touch with the Nvidia team.

  • 1. Register on their forums and send “ManuelG” a PM:
  • 2. Post the issue at the following link as well. The team there has been notified to keep an eye out for D3 TDRs issues and escalate them to the testing team who will get in touch with the users:
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    Technical Support
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    Check your G-diffuser system!
    Im glad youre working with Nvidia on the issue, but will this also fix the problem for other cards? I know at least one other person with my exact same graphics card (Radeon Hd 6670) is having the issue and mine is getting almost unbearable.
    I don't know what it is .. but I can tell you this.
    when I got back from a Deployment, I built 2 new computers. one for me and my wife..

    they are the SAME build. to the monitors and all.

    I have updated the drivers on both.

    My computer doesn't lock up.

    Her comp freezes, then goes black for 3 seconds while playing diablo 3 about every 60 seconds or so (not exactly). It did this before and after I updated the drivers.

    so given that info, it's an interesting problem. with same systems, 1 having issues and the other not.

    We are both running single GTS 250's (why does mine work and her does not, lol?!)

    I have the same exact problem.. And the same exact video card.
    Diablo 3 is a HOT MESS!!

    I have a Nvidia GTX 550ti video card. Can chew through any game on the market! EXCEPT diablo 3. and no I don't have heat issues or programming issues of any kind on MY end. Drivers all up to date! The game was working until the game took the last patch.After that black screen city at login. I jumped through the server issues hoops and now can't even play. Blizzard team , get your act together!
    I'm seeing that a lot of people with GTS 250's are having this issue including myself. Maybe that is something that can be further looked into as well.
    I have a liquid cooled i7 system with 2 Nvidia GTX 295s and heat is not the problem, my system does not even fire up the extra cooling fans, and the card temp only goes up 1 degree.
    No other game I play has this problem, Masseffict 3 and Skyrim play just fine with all graphic setting on hi. This does seem to be a problem with coding for Nvida video cards. The strange part is this does not happen, much, in the first act. By the end of the second act your down to an hour or so before the lock ups start. It is the third act when this makes the game unplayable. Even if you have just logged on, as soon as you hit the first real battle your locked up. I have not had to try so many fixes involving system changes for a long time, and you know what, I don't miss that. By the way my sons 400 buck hand me down PC plays Diablo 3 fine.
    i never thought a game would be botched worse than Rage. at least id software came up with SOLUTIONS in a timely manner. but that's what u get from true programming pioneers rather than artsy fartsy pioneers.
    did i say artsy? i meant marketing pioneers. Blizzard North is long gone!
    OS: Win7 64
    Vid Card: GTX 570 HD
    Driver: 296.10
    Max Temp: 56C

    Factory my card is at 797Mhz graphics and 1590Mhz Memory. With the fan running at 40%. The card temp hovers around 38C. These settings are good enough to run BF3 at Ultra for hours and we're good enough to run the beta for Diablo at high settings without touching anything.

    But in order to run the retail version of the game, I have turn down my settings by 300Mhz. If I dont do this, the temp jumps to 56C and I lose video signal and the screen goes black. I have to hard restart the computer to get it going again. I've done all the tricks, to try and get this to work, to no avail.
    The problem is Display driver nvlddmkm

    and a few things i have found out is
    1: Diablo 3 Run with DirectX 9 "what i have found out" and when you are running a game with DirectX 9 then the system are running a subset from 11 to 9 so what to do is making it possible to pick dX 9 or 11 like in wow

    a possible fix can be to disable High Definition Audio Controller in device manager since its something nvidia installs with the drivers " GTS 250 " it allways works for me in other games and worked for me the long last time
    OS: Win7 64
    Vid Card: GTX260
    Driver: 296.10

    Lowered the setting, turning up the fan speed using MSI afterburner and everything was great in the 1st act. As long as card temp is below 80 the game runs fine.

    Got to act 2 and suddenly I couldn't keep the temp below 80. Nothing worked. Nothing else has changed in the interim. Lowered all the settings and still temp was shooting past 80 in moments.
    OS: Win7 64 (I find most users that have this issue is on a 64bit OS. Might mean something)
    Vid Card: GTX260
    Driver: 301.42

    I had the frequent black screen crash that needed reboots prior to this. I didnt know what temp was when it crashes since I cant alt tab or do anything else.

    Used Nvidia System Tools and created a profile just for Diablo3 that underclocked the ff:
    GPU Proc lowered by 100
    GPU Mem lowered by 200
    GPU Graphics lowered by 200
    Fan at 100%

    Aside from that, I have the game at max settings and vsync on.

    Idle temp is now 45c and game temp peaking at 60c. Now I am playing for more than 2 hours w/o any issues in Act 2 Hell. I can say that whatever they did in the last update made my vidcard run hotter. Before the update, I didnt have any issues and was able to finish Normal, Nightmare, and first Act of Hell.

    I hope this helps and I hope Blizzard can identify what they did in the last update that caused this.

    Update: Experienced another crash after about 2 hours of playing. After reboot, I was able to play for another hour. I have created a graphics card underclocking profile that I enable before I play the game so I am sure the card is underclocked when I crashed.
    I have same issue here.

    Widows 7 x64
    Galaxy 9800GTX+
    Driver 301.42
    Max Temp. 105 celcius

    I use GPUZ to keep log files while i play D3. After play for 1 hour and take a look at the files, it's seem horrible cause temp go to 105 c all the time.
    I play in the room that open air condion about 26 c and manual fan cooling to 100%. I think, this is the first time that my GPU reach this Temp.

    If i remember, GTS250 is the same GPU as 9800GTX+ (G92). So the problem of this 2 are the same.

    Here my log file

    Hope this information will useful to you.
    My issue is similar to this but the game does not crash, simply tabs me out, can't play on FULLSCREEN mode, only FULLSCREEN windowed and still every 30 to 60 secs tabs me out to windows, I have created a ticket on this but never got the assistance to have this problem fixed, very unfortunate that I have to rely on my MBP to play this game and cannot take full advantage of the game maxed out on my Desktop! Please Blizzard help us out here!

    Running Radeon HD 6000 series.
    Same issue as everyone else. I have a NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250 Video Card, running 2 monitors. My video card driver is up to date, and I tried a "fix" that was posted on page 22 and it still does not allow me to play for more than 15-30 seconds at a time before it blackscreens and goes to my Desktop. Before the fix I was getting a popup on my toolbar saying "Display driver stopped responding and has recovered".

    I had this problem during the beta as well, and I've been to busy to play up until now but it seems the problem hasn't gotten fixed regardless if my drivers are updated, fullscreen/windowed, nothing.

    Any word on this because we'd all love to play, thanks.
    05/30/2012 11:13 AMPosted by Virtualham
    Im glad youre working with Nvidia on the issue, but will this also fix the problem for other cards? I know at least one other person with my exact same graphics card (Radeon Hd 6670) is having the issue and mine is getting almost unbearable.

    I have the same card and same issue from day 1. I have found small ways to minimize the frequency of the issue but nothing to eliminate its occurrence.
    is there a fix already for this problem? if there is where can i find it? so much easier to play without the screen black outs.
    What is happening? I had played since opening i do not have this issue...y after this patch...i keep alt tab out for every 10 to 30 sec? Can anyone help or advise on this? My screen did not turn black though....
    not sure if this helps but stop Nvidia system monitor or other monitoring program.
    I noticed after playing diablo for 5minutes without any problem, then I using nvidia system monitor to check gpu temp (as all the fuss about 9800gtx+ as this is my card as well), 64degrees (this is first boot of the game).
    Anyway tried watching some h264 and my media player was doing weird stuttering to the image!, anyway long story short, nvidia system monitor does play some part in video card performance, so stop it :)

    Hope it works.

    mines core 2 quad 2.8g, 9800gtx+, 8gb

    ps, still in the first 5 minute of the game. so far its not that enticing, hope it changes soon.

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