Screen Turns Black and alt tabs me out.

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hey, i have a similar issue. happened only once, but when i was turning d3 off.. anyone get that? get black screen when i try to turn d3 off.
I have the same problem..

First ACT3 run works fine.. but then when I want to do another run the screen gets black and my videocard fan is making alot of sounds. + the sound of my music still works.

Is this diablo or is it my videocard? Since I dont have problems with any other games..

Anyone has a fix for this?


edit: My Videocard: AMD RADEON 6800 SERIES
I updated my driver to a new version and after the crashes started to happen. Tried all tricks that I could find online.

Tried also with several different drivers without any luck. So I return to a older 295 driver thinking that since it had previously worked that might just help me out of this, but again crash and nvidia driver recovered from crash.

Thought then I might try a different character (mostly play with witch doctor). It worked for some time and then crashed again.

Am using a GeForce GT220 and no matter what driver and even tried sweeping the system clean before installing driver didn't help. This is the only game where I have encountered this trouble. Was thinking about formatting but then again wonder if that might just turn out the same.

Going to see if reinstalling D3 along with drivers will be of any help.
-- Possible solution to display driver stopped working in Diablo 3 --

Hopefully anyone that has encountered this trouble will see this and help him solve the problem without going through the painstakingly long troubleshooting.
It seems that there are several different ways to solve this, I personally have only test 1 solution and so far it has been working for me. If you can: do not upgrade your display driver if the game works. However if you do then this might help you.

Lower Foreground FPS to 50

Some have also downclocked their GPU's from 550 to 400 MHz for the type they were using (disclaimer: be careful if you decide on this route and seek advice, if you are not sure how to do this. No liability assumed if it fails or for any damage this might cause.) You shouldn't have to modify your hardware (of all things and which worked to begin with) in order to get a game working again, at least that's my opinion.
This has started happening to me since 1.04. Pretty much every 10 minutes.

My thread is here:

This is what I have done to try to fix this:

UNDER-Clocked GPu.
Increased Fan Speed
Bought cooling pad for laptop
Taken apart laptop, cleaned out all dust.
Monitored heat
Decreased FPS and lowered all game settings.

Nothing has helped.

Here's my heat at crashes:
GTX 280m MIN: 41 C MAX (at crash) 65 C. In doing research, this card can run comfortably up to 85 C.

Again, it is only diablo 3 where this happens. I have been playing other much more graphically intense games with no issues.

Has anyone found a fix to this?
bump for help.
Sounds like a T&L (Transform & Lighting) support issue. Issues with T&L support on outdated cards and chipsets have been known to cause black screens in other games.
My laptop has been crashing recently when playing Diablo III. I don't get a black screen but the game just freezes. Nothing works but the mouse and the frame is frozen, can't even alt tab out or ctrl alt del so I have to force restart. My system is pretty new as well, bought it a few months ago.

AMD Radeon 6750M
8GB ram
1.Enable Vertical Sync.
2.Move the Max Foreground FPS slider down to 30.
3.Select Accept.
4.Exit out of the Game and right-click the Diablo III Launcher icon.
5.Select Properties.
6.Select the Compatibility tab.
7.Check Disable Desktop Composition.
8.Select OK.

it work guys !
Same problems with ICE-Q ATI Radeon HD6870. Didn't use to happen; can't say whether 1.0.4 was when the problems started. Of course when running HWMonitor it won't happen. HWMonitor shows max GPU at 68C.
Where is Blizzards response to this from 5-6 months ago?

My WOW is unplayable....
Having issues aswell... Starting by the screen getting black, then tabbed out (your mouse is stuck so you can't do anything) then after a couple of secs you get tabbed in again. Now it has starting to bluescreen me aswell. Please fix this, because its quite unplayeble
Has anyone thought that it may be a virus protection software problem. I only say this as I had exactly the same symptoms described here on a number of different games.. When I opened up task manager I noticed that my virus software was always hogging a fair bit of system resources so I un installed it (Panda btw) and it seems to have worked. Might be worth a try for some of you out there
This started happening to me today... It has never happened before. I restarted and did virus scan ... nothing
It didn't work for me :(
I work for NVIDIA. Our software QA team has never been able to replicate this issue in our labs. If anyone who lives near Santa Clara, California, USA would be willing to come over and show us this issue with your system or would be willing to let us borrow your graphics card to investigate this issue for about a week, please fill out the NVIDIA driver feedback form below:
This is the only game I have this problem with. :| Whaiiiiiiii
what did you guys set your framerate at?
Paying real money for a game that you can only play online, no extra content or games from independent devs availble EVER.., PLUS not being able to play the game due to garbage developing/coding on many popular video cards, is plain inexcusable.

If I knew the project leads personally I would slap them silly.

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