Screen Turns Black and alt tabs me out.

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This still hasn't been figured out? I quit for a bit because of this and return and still have the same problem. Definitely played the game completely fine for a 100 hours until a certain patch came out that I can't remember, and then the game would just demolish my video card.
No blackout or loss of video. Food for thought.

I run old quadcore Intel 6600, 4gig ram, Windows 8 32bit, EVGA Nvida 9600 GSO (384 ram). I can still run d3 on 5-year old computer. All hardware drivers are up to date (chipset, lan, audio, video). Some intel chipset drivers can't be updated though -- still 2006. Windows 8 up to date. Nvida drivers up to date. Some unused services are disabled ( ). Windows is set to "performance" in advanced settings -- no fancy windows special effects.

D3 shortcut "run as administrator". I have also tried setting d3 Process PRIORITY to above normal or high. Some background programs (Skype, Ventrilo, Yahoo messenger) set AFFINITY not use cores 0 and 1. Use task manager to adjust priority and affinity.

I run video and audio at lowest settings. Frame rate 60. I use EVGA Precision 4.1 to adjust fan speed above default 30% while playing d3 to 50% or so. Fans speed doesn't adjust automatically wihout software. All works fine. I play in full screen, windowed full screen, or windowed.

The only crashes I encounter anymore is when I sometimes rest my left hand slightly on the left keyboard control button (ctrl). Such crashes d3 almost every time. Blizzard has never figured out what the problem is. I presume it has something to do with windows accessibility / sticky keys.
Mates has anyone tested this ? :

Display driver stopped responding and has successfully recovered

Edit the registry key for Graphic Drivers

Then follow the path to the graphics

You will see something like this:
Name: (Default) Type: REG_SZ Data: (Value not set) right click on that default and change the value to 0 (Modify)

Note :When you run Windows Updates and nVidia updates the driver for your video card, it will reset the new value by default so you will need to change it back to 0

If not,test it and i am waiting your results
So, this is like a mega necro but my wife is having the same issue listed here while I am not.

In all of the 38 pages it seems there was never any sort of resolution and yet I see new posts about this on the general forum so people are still experiencing this.

Is there any fix?
May not be D3 issue directly.

12/03/2013 09:23 AMPosted by runit3
If you're getting a black screen there are only a few possible problems

1) corrupted/incompatible drivers

2) thermal barrier is being hit

3) GPU is failing (breaking)

4) your monitor is having display issues/potentially failing

The GPU series you listed are quite old, and it wouldn't surprise me if the card is on its last legs. It's a minor miracle my 2 old 9800's are still cookin along on my old rig. If following SilverFox's suggestions do not work I would pull out your card(s) and physically inspect them as well as give them a good cleaning. Also make sure to blast your MOBO's PCIe slots with some compressed air and check the airflow around the cards. If it is a thermal barrier problem that should help.

For #4 you can try moving your monitor to VGA or DVI (whichever display adapter it isn't using). This may also help if there is a physical problem with the GPU and one method of display is no longer functioning @ 100%.

Same issue here with my GTS 250, made it go away by lowering my resolution to 1440x900 16:10, dunno why it worked but it did. I'm not happy about it but at least I can play now. Hopefully they can fix this.

I've seen a lot of topics where the monitor randomly goes black and gives the "Signal out of range" issue while gaming. I got this problem as well, and I tried everything from installing the newest drivers to downclocking the card using Ntune. Nothing works, however, i found out that it's most likely a firmware issue.

NVIDIA System Tools with ESA Support --

Check if you can adjust anything in Nvidia control panel / manage 3d settings. What I did was when installing Nvidia drivers (custom/clean), uncheck 3d vision driver, uncheck 3d vision controller driver.
To be clear the monitor is not turning black, the game just randomly tabs to desktop.

No problems with any other games including graphically intense ones and other Blizzard games.

Considering this thread is so busy and a Google search shows tons of other people having this issue it seems there is something really going on but there is no resolution as of yet.

I also tried disabling every background service I could and closing the launcher without result.

The only difference being she is on Win7 and I still have Vista.

If anyone ever fixed this, please share.
It's March, the 19th, 2014. This Problem still exists. Food has gone low.
Hi, I did some research on this and posted some info in the eu forum:

This is a fix not for display driver crashes, but for the game randomly dropping you back to desktop.
Well, I've found fix, so it might help some of You.
I'm using Bit Defender antivirus, and i had same issue. It helped when i turned mode from "standard" to "player" or "game" (I don't know what's this mode name in eng version). It could for for other antiviruses, just try it :)
THIS IS THE FIX: I fixed this problem by turning off my security scan and updates. These sort of file entries seem to interfere with diabo due to a low priority listing compared to maintenance operations.
this should fix it (credit Aqvilae):

Issue: Start the game > screen loader Diablo RoS shows up. But when the game should run, it minimizes the window. and goes to desktop. The game is still running, but whenever I press Alt+Tab or click on the window icon, it pop-up for a second (I get to see the EULA screen, hear music) but minimizes back.

I got to see that the task bar showed something about screen resolution not being at 1600x900. My screen was using 1600x900 but Diablo didn't think so. When I switched to 1280x720 and started the, it kept on waiting for updates and got stuck like that.

Switched my monitor back to 1600x900 and started, and he didn't ask for updates.

End of problems: went to Documents/Diablo III and opened the D3Prefs.txt (maka a copy, first). The resolution is (by default) 1280x720, as showed below

DisplayModeWinWidth "1280"
DisplayModeWinHeight "720"
DisplayModeUIOptWidth "1280"
DisplayModeUIOptHeight "720"
DisplayModeWidth "1280"
DisplayModeHeight "720"
DisplayModeRefreshRate "60"

I changed the defaults values from 1280x720 to my screen resolution 1600x900, saved and restarted the game.

If you have the same problem, add your screen resolution to this file and save.

bunch of morons, thats how i would call blizzard. pay for the game that !@#$ing freeze
I was having the minimizing issue. I clicked on the program in the task bar, waited for the screen to load and repeatedly hit the escape key. This seemed to resolve the issue. My assumption is that the game was trying to open a window that wasn't agreeing with my display. Seems to be running fine now.

UPDATE: Ran for 2 hours with no issues.

EDIT 2: Nevermind. False alarm. Still messed up.
Diablo 3 continues to freeze in act 2 maps...also going to teleport to another player or entering a rift portal or entering the next level in the rift or GR ____ I will get the D3 Splash Screen freeze____ this does not happen to any of my other games. AMD QUAD CORE RADEON HD 6520G CARD WITH 8G MEMORY...PLEASE FRIGGIN ADVISE ON RESOLUTION @ BLIZZARD!!!!!! Help !!!!!!!!!!
12/08/2015 09:42 AMPosted by JOHNNYC0930
Diablo 3 continues to freeze in act 2 maps

Such has been fixed since September 2015. WIndows specs? Drivers-up-to-date? Suggest update video driver to latest AMD driver. Clean install if issue persists. Sticky link offers 3 solutions.

[Sticky] Desolate Sands - New ATI Beta drivers

-- clean install AMD Raedon Crimson ,,,
-- 64bit ...
-- 32bit ...

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