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Can I install and play the game in more than 1 computer with the same account?
As far as I know, you can install D3 on as many computers as you want. Install it at the computer at the local public library, if they let you. Howerver, just like World of Warcraft, you can only play on one computer at a time. Here is a workaround, one that Blizzard will be happy to support, setup another account, and then purchase another copy of the game on that account. Now you can play on two computers at the same time.
yeah the game doesn't even ask you anything until you log in to play, so you can install it anywhere. But just play on one comp at a time
Thanks! its just that Im getting error 108 on my computer so I'm downloading the whole thing again but in my sister's computer seems to be just fine but the game is mine so I was scared she will get my game :p yeah well if we like it she will get her own account, on the meantime its MINEEEEEE!
Ok so I installed it in both but now in my computer THERE ARE NO HEROES but we already created 2 heroes in my sister's computer....... I dont get it, do I have to start all over again in mine?!?

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