Digital Downloader Reseting, Firewall block

Technical Support
So far I have been downloading this for many hours at a grueling speed, (400kbs FTW) I get to about 6gb or so (I don't realy remember) and it stops. Completely. The download speed just went to 0.0kbs and didn't move from there at all after about 1 hour, so I stop it and I try downloading it again, it blitz to about 4gb or so, assuming it's because it's already downloaded that part, then goes to normal speed despite downloading 6gb, and to top it of I says that my firewall is blocking it. I disabled that hours before I even began downloading the game. If anyone has any fixes for these I will sing tales of their greatness and tech prowess. Also sorry about the armada of text.

If this persists I might as well ask for a refund and walk 10 miles to the nearest seller of a actual copy as it will most likely be faster.

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