Stuck - can't progress "Trailing the Caravan

Bug Report
On Trailing the Caravan (find Khazra Staff) - playing WD. Found the caravan, clicked and the animation of the staff/caravan progressed BUT no staff dropped... I'm stuck and cannot move past the "Find the Khazra Staff" indicator.

Just had the same thing happen to me (solo game). The box popped off the cart but was unclickable.
Now when trying to restart quest, I am Error 25009 on ALL characters... I'm guessing we're down? :(
same here. getting pissed
Just experienced the same problem in a 2 player co-op game. Posts on other sites have said starting a fresh game and trying again fixes it...will update when I have tried it.
Yep, it's a bug. Just leave the game and restart the quest from the woman outside the spider cave.
I've had the same thing happen.
Just had this happen to me. No issues when I played co-op with another toon last night, though.
Quest: "Trailing the Coven" - "Find Staff of Khazra" - Solo play

Clicked on wagon and the staff did not drop and can not advance in game.

Character type: Demon Hunter
Follower: Templar
Happened to me too, had to restart the quest.
Playing as barbarian, unable to proceed. As reported, staff does not drop once clicking on the cart.
Happened to me. I made a new game (which resumed at the check point super close to the staff) and it dropped just fine the second time. Hope this helps!
Hey guys,

We are actively researching this issue. Answering this question will really help us out. When you clicked on the cart, did goatmen ambush you?

Thank you!
Similar issue, My public game quests wont update passed this quest.

Wonder if I got lucky and had a groupmate able to complete, and thus moved me forward without saving it? /confused
Yes, I was ambushed by goatmen as soon as I clicked on the cart.
I was fighting a single goatman and a tree when I clicked on it. The cart flew open but no item or additional goatmen appeared.
Same issue. Click and no staff, also no ambush. I can see the 3 blinds near where they should pop out, but it just doesn't happen.

Solo player, softcore.
I have the same issue playing with a Monk with the paladin follower.

I believe it happened because I've touched the staff from behind the caravan (still on the Hill, check the pic), and then the Staff fell, without me picking up. Using the Barbarian before I was able to get thru that quest, and casually I've touched from the right side.

Same thing happend to me. No goatmen attacked me.

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