Error 317002

Technical Support
Unable to find all the appropriate game configurations to create or join games.

Thats the error I get now when trying to play with my first character I made on launch night.
I have the same issue.
how to rectify this issue?
I am getting the same error
I'm having the same issue, I even tried to make a new character and log in but I still get the same error code
same here.. =[

Emergency maintenance.

Don't worry, we'll all be in game soon enough. :]
so now what do i do
Probably safe to assume that after an hour, when their maintenance window is complete, this issue will hopefully be remedied.
How can they have missed such serious issues before launch!!!

Someone needs to be fired.
05/15/2012 12:30 PMPosted by PhearFactor
How can they have missed such serious issues before launch!!!

It's an issue with the servers being overloaded. They are working on it. It's just not something you can prepare for without enough testing. They did an open beta test, but the amount of people who tried it was nothing compared to how many are now.
How can they have missed such serious issues before launch!!!

Someone needs to be fired.

the guy who suggested online only should be burnt.
Up to ten minutes, then it's when the game gets back on the shelter.

Then it's when it all begins.

Have a laugh, and transfer yer money.
its nothing they missed. its just from the servers being over worked. once volume comes down the servers will stop crying for mercy and start behaving properly.
Most of my friends are playing... and I get this error. Why?
There's a very big difference between a closed (then briefly open) beta and putting your game straight onto the market. While a lot of people participated in the open beta, I'd put my money on the fact a lot of other people who planned to get the game with a more casual fascination didn't play the beta. Also, there is likely a high number of people who only played the beta once. That gives little chance for there to be a big test of constant stress on a server.

At least we're getting an emergency maintenance patch instead of waiting for a normalized patch day/time.
Glad to see that its the servers that are down. I thought my comp couldnt run the game and I almost had a heart attack.
Actually, I was playing for a good two hours into the first hour of the emergency patch onwards. It's likely because they're focusing on a single server at a time--I was finally booted so they could fix things. I don't mind it one bit myself; I was lucky to still be in.

I'm sure you could ask your friends to wait up for you. c: Especially if you tell them about the severity of the patch needed.

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