Poison dart or spiders early game?

Witch Doctor
I'm trying to decide, spiders seem to be good for keeping the horde of zombies off me, but I've got zombie dogs for that. Would darts just kill them off faster?
i prefer darts to spiders
I enjoy the extra pathing disruption spiders cause. Poison dart will give you the higher single target dps (especially runed), but I enjoy using [Leaping] spiders since I can carelessly toss jars into a pack being held at bay by my dogs. For those that get too close to me I use Firebats.
Poison Darts by a mile! I have been using this as my main ranged attack and I am at plague of toads.
Darts for sure, rapid darts!
Darts are faster.
But later on, when i'm not plowing through content, I'll probably switch to spiders.
Totally new to this game but I chose the Spiders ... lobbing multiple jars of spiders at a pack of snared mobs is easy mode.

But I may just go back to darts just to try it out.
i like darts
From the tool tip it seems like they only bite once though, right?
Soul Harvest 5 mobs, and mow the lawn with splinters.
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Soul Harvest 5 mobs, and mow the lawn with splinters.

Darts all the way.
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poison dart runed with splinters
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From what I can tell, the darts give a higher instant damage though the spiders will end up doing more damage in the long run. Especially on boss fights. Throw those spiders and let those little bastards *@%! faces.

Splinter runed darts actually do higher DPS than spiders as well as being instant. However, they are not a lob attack, do poison damage, and don't cause the AI pathing interruption of spiders.

I'm going barbed darts until I can rune Spirit Barrage for mana regen at level 23 and use it as my primary attack.

PS: elective mode is the only way to play.
Darts seem to make destroying certain breakables in the environment a lot easier
This! I used spiders till I got the runed darts, then they pale in comparison. Add some soul harvests and you clean house! I'm only level 10 though, so maybe runed spiders will rock.
Base spiders doing all damage to one monster:
16% * 2 attacks * 4 spiders = 128% weapon damage

Base poison dart if DoT can tick:
If attacking once per second (overwriting the DoT being assumed)

Therefore Base Spiders > Base Dart for single target spamming.

Leaping Spiders (all hits one monster):
19% * 2 attacks * 4 spiders = 152% weapon damage

Splinters (all hits same monster):
60% * 3 = 180% weapon damage

Therefore Splinters > Leaping Spiders for single target spamming.

Spiders give pathfinding difficulties on mobs though, and can be cast "Around corners", so when it comes down to Leaping vs Splinters it is more about personal choice.

Edit: Two more considerations:
1. You cannot directly control what a spider attacks, causing damage to be spread out over a group in most cases.
2. Poison Dart is easier to damage Monsters with while on the run.

Spiders = lower, continuous damage over time
Darts = Higher, instant damage
So maybe runed spiders will rock.

Not really. They add some decent utility. Nothing other than the slow is particularly great though. If you're looking for DPS, none of the runes put it close to splinters until blazing spiders at level 55 (which puts it significantly above splinters).

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