Lvl 31 WD current rotation Act 4 start

Witch Doctor
Left Mouse : Point Dart with 16 mana returning per hit
Right Mouse : AoE Slow with 100% up-time 6 sec cd

Key 1 : AoE posion that leaves slimes after
Key 2 : AoE Int buff with + health per mob hit (250 per mob)
Key 3 : Dogs with 10% abs dmg
Key 4 : Garg with Cleave


1 : 20% more HP on garg and dogs
2 : More dmg for More Mana
3 : Cannot die and healed for 20 secs (190 cd)

Solo aoe or bosses in about 5-10 secs on elites \ blues \ rares ... got highest 1 skill massive kill of 32

To start out i was stacking + xp gear as stuff just droped pretty fast.. now im onto packs of 60+ mobs to where i need the int and vit and the most important thing imo is HIGH WEAPON DMG... Any way gives u great mobilty and survive... Remember to keep moving...

Pretty much have pets up aoe slow(garg does a knock back so plant it behind the 1st mob but infront of the back mobs so he gets knocked in the middle get close aoe for int Drop acid then drop another aoe slow shoot dart 2x drop acid stuff = RIP... enjoy

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