Stuck on Retrieving Hero List

Technical Support
I have been tryin to relog so many time and now i have been stuck on it saying its Retrieving Hero List idk what to do.
I am stuck here too. Any help?
Same thing here. God !@#$ing power cut due to a lightning strike. OMFG
fuk this !@#$.
ditto, need help as well.
Also stuck... took long time to authenticate before being stuck at hero list :(

Game is badass though when you can play :)
Stuck here too!!! AHHHHHH this sucks...... paid for time at the airport due to my 3 hour layover and i cant play!!
yeah i REALLY wanna play it lol but its just chillin on that screen.
Same here
same here.. what gives?
Same problem :/
They must be still doing maintenance cause it has been doing this to me all afternoon.
Thats because the servers are down:
Same as the above, I think I've been stuck on retrieving heroes list for like 2 hours now.
Im stuck there too... Can a blizz employee come and help us please? ....?
been at this for a almost an hour n no luck....
Omg same here

+omg same here

+omg same here

+oh man me too

+hey guys I am too

+Dudes wtf me too

+lolz me too

+omgimsomad me too

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