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I played the game up until right after defeating the skeleton king, and then quit. I came back about 3 hours later to find that my character had been deleted! (when i tried to log in, i was prompted to make a new character, and my old character had completely disappeared) If it matters, i was a level 10 monk. If anyone knows why this is happening, then please let me know, and I'm sorry if this is already known, as i haven't really found anything when googling it, but thanks for your help. this bug needs to be fixed, as im sure there will be other people who are having their characters deleted :(
Hi Chomplet,

This is the first I've heard of this, so I don't think this is widespread.

Forgive the obvious question, but are you sharing an account? The game does not delete your characters on its own, not even Hardcore characters.

If you can reproduce this issue, I'm going to need your D3Debug.txt file. It is located in the main Diablo III folder where you installed the game. Open the file in Notepad and remove you e-mail address. After, please re-save the file, upload it to and link it back here!
Had the same thing happen to me! Got my Demon Hunter to level 12, and got into the highlands after the spider queen. Buddies logged in and said they didn't see me online, so I restarted game to see if it fixed it, and was prompted to make a new char. All my progress and toons were deleted. It seems there was some sort of bug with the servers that didn't bring some people down during the maintenances all day and instead let them function offline, so when they finally restarted game, it's as though nothing existed! WTB FIX ASAP!!!
Just want to note since I saw Vasadan's reply, I had been on since 8 am central this morning and had not logged off the entire time. Was never DC'd for maintenances or had any issues. Had just been playing continuous.
Same thing here, Deamon Hunter character dissappeared. Not impressed. :-(
Hey guys,

Please check your Global Play settings in your options when you can log back into the game later. You may be on different servers.

There may be an issue where players who select a region are being defaulted to other regions. Check the options when you can log in after maintenance and let me know.
I had the same issue then i checked what server I was on and it moved me to an Asian server. So just make sure you're playing on the same one you started off on. This is how i fixed it.
Vasadan, here is my D3Debug file, hope this is what you meant.
I've been playing the European server, and now when I log into it (so the same one I've been playing), there's no character. I see on other topics that some characters were moved from European server to The Americas server - why? Can't log into The Americas server at the moment to check wether that is the case here, too...
So if it put us in a different region, does that mean were stuck with those characters in that region?

Also wanted to note, that when I was on and logged into game, none of my realID friends could see that I was on. When I logged back in after exiting game, all my toons were gone, but my friends were showing me online for
ok, heres the link to the pastebin

Some things i forgot to mention, but probably should

1: I installed the game using my friends disc, but I bought the game from the store and used the cd key given from that (disc installed just to speed up the installation process, instead of waiting for 9gb download [I only have 300kbps download speed!])

2: I have an authenticator attatched to my account, so very unlikely that i was hacked and had my character deleted

3: I play on the european servers.

and to answer your question, no I don't share my account with anyone, and it is very unlikely that anyone knows my password, and even if they do, as i said, i have an authenticator.
I'm missing my achievements aswell.
another thing i should mention while im at it. I made a new character, then deleted it instantly afterwards (hoping it would fix it.) no dice
my Characters are also gone and deleted and i didnt deleted them....log out .........and reconnect..........and nothing they are gone :(

need help for this bug ggggrrrrr

greetings Markus

i dont share my account and i didnt changed my region its still europe !
this problem happened to me as well, I just tried logging in and my lvl 20+ barb is gone.
setting were switched to Europe, although I never touched those settings. Weird.

Thanks for the reply Blizz, was about to start panicking. ;)
I have managed to log in to The Americas server and, indeed, my Demon Hunter character has been transferred there! I want it back at EUROPE server!! How can I do that?

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