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Has anyone got this working on Windows 8? For me the launcher just hangs on "Launching", has anyone been able to get this working, and if so, how?

Also any comment about how Windows 8 is pre-release are not helping and not needed.
I am going to take a guess that Blizzard didn't even attempt to address issues with Diablo III and Windows 8 because of the fact Windows 8 has not been released yet.

You will need to use a support operating system.
It'll boot fine for me in Windows 8. I'm having the tearing issues graphically that a lot of other people are having though.
05/15/2012 03:07 AMPosted by hobbie
It'll boot fine for me in Windows 8. I'm having the tearing issues graphically that a lot of other people are having though.

You didn't need to do anything special?
No, I just downloaded and installed it, and it'll run fine.

I'm having an issue with lag, but it loads up without an issue (and the lag issue looks like it's related to maybe.... multithreading or the cores... or beats the heck out of me).

Could try running as admin, I think I configured that on the launcher. I can take a look when I get home from work.
I was having rending issues at first, but after switching my display adapter off of the "Engineering Sample" driver things were better.
Folks, I post regularly on a Windows 8 forum, and I like the Consumer Preview Edition that I am using as a dual boot. I am running D3 with no problems n Windows 7, but I intend to switch to Win 8 as my main operating system in October when the full version comes out.

For the record, most issues are with older games. Some play on 7, but not on 8. Some actually play better on 8. This is the first thread I've found concerning a new game.
I had to run in a compatibility mode to keep the Diablo III launcher from crashing. Win 8 suggested Win XP service pack 3. That makes since I guess due to the fact that Blizzard took over 10 years to get the game released.
I had no problems running the game on Win 8, except some erros during the laucher, wich I close withou problems. And I' also getting a low FPS, even after editing the prefs.txt file. And my laptop is brand new.
i downloaded the new windows 8 yesterday and I went to go play diablo 3 and all it does it lag so bad that I cant do anything.. ive tried adjusting the screen res and a number of other things and still it lags so bad that im not able to do anything.. im not sure what is going on if anyone finds out please let me know
I also cannot play on windows 8. tried every compatibility mode, on the launder, agent, etc. upgraded drivers, reinstalled diablo3.... this sucks
if you're running MSI Afterburner, uninstall or close it and it worked for me
My D3 dont like Win 8 either. Massive drop in fps then screen tears then get video scheduler internal error, D3D error or Win8 reboots with error message. Its a fresh install of D3 on brand new computer. Occurs if i start through Desktop or Start screen. Drivers are updated & no overclocking on anything. All other games, including Steam's, work fine. i7 3770k, f16ram, 240GB SSD boot drive, 1TB data drive (D3 on this drive), gtx650TI.
i get little colored dots and have to change the resolution every time i load diablo or switch back from my desktop

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