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I asked a friend to pre-install the game before the day beforehand while i was out (stupid but whatever). He said yesterday he had done so. However, whenever I click the Diablo 3 .exe it brings up the launcher and starts trying to download it. However, after checking under control panel -> programs it says Diablo 3 is installed with 7.70gb of files and the folder "Diablo III" in program files is 7.75gb in size. Alongside this oddity is the fact that when the download starts the speed quickly rises to around 7mb/s and then steadily decreases until it stops. It seems as though the download is cutting of my internet connection because while the launcher is open nothing can connect wirelessly and the computer I'm installing diablo 3 on (which is wired) has "limited connectivity".

Help to both these problems??
Yeah, thanks Blizzard.
I am sorry I can't help you with your problem. It took me 7 hours just to get to the install screen lol. Still haven't gotten it to install. Farthest I got was 11% then I kept getting errors. I have tried everything I have found online. This better be fixed by the time I get home!
I'm starting to think that Blizzard hates their customers.

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