Not stuck at 1% any more

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Dunno if the 1% problem is just a random one that you can get around by trying again, but I figured I'd post the changes I tried right before the time that the install started working for the first time for me.

Open folder containing your dvd drive
---rightclick on "Diablo III Setup.exe"
---choose 'properties' at the bottom
------choose 'compatability' tab at the top
----------under 'compatability mode', tick the box by 'Run this program in compatability mode for:' and in the dropdown menu, choose 'windows 7'
----------under 'privilage level' at the bottom, tick the 'Run this program as administrator' box
----------click 'change settings for all users' at the bottom
-------------repeat same options as previous window
-------------click 'apply' to close window
----------click 'apply' to close window

I'm running Win7 Ultimate, SP1, 64bit. I could play the beta files fine without any of this messing around. Some/all of the above might be completely unrelated to the reasons why people are getting stuck at 1%. If they work, I've no clue why they work, or how to fix the problem if they don't work for you. I just figured I'd post what I did when mine started to work in the hopes it helps someone else out there.
Installation complete

Hope the rest of you get it working too. I'm off to play!

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