Error 317002

Technical Support
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Same experience here.
same here!
i played in the beta and this is a new error i havent seen. blue post soon hopefully
ughhhh this blows >.<
This + constant crashing = LAME
Well it gives me more time to sit around and wait for my collector's edition to get to my house.
Why does blizz hate us?
Getting the same error.
Just got this error about 15 minutes ago. Same boat as everyone, I suspect it has something to do with the D3 servers?
Same experience here.
me too
Shadowfist is correct. it is Day 1
I seem to have the same issue. Cannot even start Act I because of it.
First time playing, can't play.

No PvP.
No Intel Series 4.

Same here :(
Same problem here...was so excited to jump into a single player game, but nope, more server issues.
05/15/2012 10:25 AMPosted by Shadowfist
geez people stop raging, it's day one, this happens with every game.. expecting a perfect launch is just ignorant.
I'm having the same issue after logging off one character and trying to log in with another. Now I can't log in with any characters! Help!
Same here fine after install, not so fine now.....:(

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