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05/15/2012 03:18 PMPosted by Tokenpriest
You are telling me to get a better video card. Obviously that will not solve the issue considering other players with much better cards than I are having the same lag issues. So tell me why I should buy a new one when it most likely wont fix anything?

Either Bli$$ard made the graphics requirements too high where i see Titan Quest look waaayyy better, (i mean the plants and some background are 2D) or its the !@#$ty servers. Either way, Blizz is to blame.
Who knows what their problems really are. Could be server lag, malware, overheating, etc. But the bottom line is there are plenty of people with 3+ year old systems with current low end graphics cards that play the game flawlessly so it's obviously not the system requirements that are causing all the problems these people with "top end" computers are experiencing.

My system is 6 years old and except for the disconnecting problems pretty much everyone is getting the game is running smooth for me at 1680x1050. Shadow/Physics/Clutter are set to the lowest, but its a reasonable trade off.

OS - Windows XP 32b, sp3
Processor- Intel Core Duo @ 2.4g
Vid card- ati radeon x1950xtx
Ram - 2g

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