Welcome to the future of piracy prevention

Technical Support
Customer griefing.

Locked out of a single player game?
You might be a pirate.

Or not...

Know that warning sign on DVDs that says not to copy. You have to look at it....

Pirates don't...

Pirates find a way to route traffic to a 3rd party site to authenticate?
They get to play...
... you don't.

ME3 have a horrible ending.

We get to see the ending?

[Notice: The poster does not advocate piracy in any shape or form. Poster is merely reflecting on business model decisions that punish the good to prevent the bad. Poster also notes that this tends to kill business and drive away potential future customers from investing.]
We're sorry, you've already played your 30 min limit. Initiating 1 hour cooldown.
Wait, is there really a time limit or are you just continuing your "joke"?
Do you know who I am? I'm Rave Bobson. I'm going to go get some combustible authenticators so I can take your server down for maintenance.
While I agree with the point, the joke is beyond not funny.
Funny is relative to the experiment.

This is art.

The ability to make a point without ever saying anything meaningful.

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