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The cake and the thread is a lie

Nothing now is live.
If live means DOA then that is correct....
Diablo 3 Release Date:

May 16, 2012.
More like May 30.2012. Lets be realistic.
If this is live I shudder to think of what down/dead would be...
why does it look like my character is moveing in slow motion!!!! so far this game blows! nothing like diablo 2 as promised!!
Blizzard has years of experience with MMO's - it knows what to expect.

They have our money and we only get promises that it will work, knowing in the back of our minds that it won't doesn't make that "Okay".

Blizzard deserves all and any bad press it gets about this. It is a failure. As such, while I will give them my patience, they do not Deserve it. And quite frankly, I feel that I should be compensated. You try to run a store where you promise your customers a working product on a specific day and take their money. Then they show up to collect you delay and/or give them the product but it isn't working. Are they going to say "oh, it is a work in progress" and happily give it back with a 'call me when its done' or are they gonna be pissed?

As a consumer, I am pissed and irked that the product that I invested in doesn't work.
I get screwed while some stockholder is laughing his way to the bank and some poor Blizzard employee (who isn't responsible for this debacle) gets all the flak.
The game is Live! Even though you cant play!

The funny thing is the game still has not been released yet! BECAUSE YOU STILL CAN'T PLAY IT
LOL i agree with Sangyen. >_> bloody morons
Bold faced lie this thread is.
Game is a let down right now, how can blizz sell a game to me and then not allow me to play it in any way because the servers are full. I hope this problem is fixed soon because right now its a major let down.
My first ... and Last Blizzard game.... im going back to RIOT. thanks.
Does not work... getting error 12.... which files to delete or who to bug to fix this?
05/15/2012 05:24 AMPosted by Severian
login using your email address connected with your battlenet account, this will highlight the login button

This worked for me....but then I got error 33
Hello I have just purchased D3 and I was just about to play, I was going to login with my email but it was telling me something was wrong, I saw in some information section that I have to use a ID so I input a name, and it goes through authentication. Now I have this weird problem where I cannot click the login icon due to my name is too short of characters.... my name is 9 letters long(as seen as my current name "wolfsrain") and I can't get to log in, I tried using my email again and it gave a login error.. can someone please tell me how to change my name.....
I've read many posts about people just wishing Diablo 3 had offline single player capabilities, and I must say I was hoping for the same thing. I was actually really looking forward to playing the game offline first before jumping into the online realm. I did the same thing way back when the D2: Lord of Destruction patch came out to learn the game at my own pace. I understand a company's plight to prevent piracy of their products, but a gaming company that literally forces a customer to have a constant online connection in order to play their game seems a bit unfair and honestly ignorant to me.

I say "unfair" because there actually are many people out there that would prefer to play offline, and even more so in situations like today, plus I'm sure this won't be the last time we have to deal with server issues.

I say "ignorant" because it may actually affect the game's replay value over time. Prime example, Diablo 2. Diablo 2 still has a high replay value due to the fact that you can choose to play it offline. There have been many times that I've been without an internet connection, and popped in the ol' D2 to kill some time and have some fun. There have also been many times that I just didn't want to get online to play. Now, had D2 been an online only game, I probably would've stopped playing it a long time ago. But, I in fact have been playing it off and on for the last 10+ years, which is a great feet for a game to keep anyone's attention that long.

So, all that being said, *deep breath*, hopefully Blizzard will hear OUR plight and produce a single player patch in the future. That would be great! ;)

Besides, there are plenty of other different security measures they could take to prevent piracy rather than having someone have a constant internet connection.

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