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Quick question,

If i change regions, will I loose my current progress? I want to basically switch periodically between EU and Asia and I want to have the separate chars on each with their own separate progress. Does Global play allow this?
05/15/2012 03:50 AMPosted by Mortanius
If you receive an error the first time logging into a different region, log out out of Diablo III, exit the client, and then log back in. This should resolve any login errors related to Global Play.

I dont get any error messages but the LOGIN button is simply not highlighted. Any solution?

Hi There,

I still get the error message "The Server are busy at this time, Please try again later (Error 37)" switch to Asia....
I can't use english when log into US server?! is that call global?!

Let us be able to log our chars on all the regions, i have friends in EU and US and can't play with them with the same char... kinda stupid.
Is there going to be a Latin America server? I'm experiencing some lag. Not cool on a SP game.
Dear Blizzard,

My home region is Europe. On Tuesday, I bought the game in South Africa and I'm playing from there... but since Africa is supposed to be associated with European servers, there shouldn't be any problem right?

After the game was installed (early Wednesday, local time), I got the following results (per server) :
- Europe : Error 12
- Americas : Error 12
- Asia : no problem

Today, I'm getting this :
- Europe : Error 12
- Americas : no problem
- Asia : Error 3003 (not even reaching authentication phase)

Pretty please, Blizzard ! Address this problem as soon as possible so I can have a consistent server on which to progress in my solo game, and so I can join my European friends in a coop game !

Don't forget to get a good night of sleep and to inform us of the progress and of the outstanding issues !

Since u ninja changed my server preferance I can not use my lvl 40 barbarian with my friends in America who just bought this game. Please give me a server transfer this one time.
I really hope I can also thansfer my characters between each servers.
I need help, and it would be greatly appreciated. Ok so, I made a level 10 witch doctor on an Americans server, now that's all fine and dandy, but then I logged out and got on later to find that my character was moved from the Americans server to the European server. Now I can't play with my friends and my character I leveled with my friends is gone.
Help would be GREATLY appreciated, once again.
would it ever be considered to integrate a function to alternate the location of characters between servers?

it would be much appreciated, even if it would cost a small amount. Since the game selected the wrong server for me when I started playing. since this is the first time iv ever played diablo; I was unaware of this function and its risks. I figured when I set up my account if I set my current location to AUS, I would be getting the servers best suited. however I found out after reaching lv. 20 that i was placed on Europe servers. lagg, and the fact that I cant play with any of my friends is a huge downside.

would this ever be considers to lie on the "fix list"?
Hey since im from Malaysia , South East Asia meaning i should play Americas not Asian ??

Because at first i play Americas , i experiencing lag, i saw my ping was over 400+ !

Then i went and play in Asia , it was ok still experiencing lag , but usually my ping its maybe 90 to 200. Problem is , EVERY NIGHT , Asia server be down !

But i progress so much already in Aisa.

So is best i play in Amerricas ?
Note : Error 12 solved, thanks to the help of an MVP on european forums.

- change password on to generate a "soft reset" of the account (whatever that means)
- wait 1 hour for it to take effect
- launch the game and get the server you want !
Hello there...Is is possible to move my char from the US server to the European one??
I used Options -> Account to change my region from USA to Europe. Every time I try this, I get an error:
"A new patch for Diablo III is available. The game will now close and apply the patch automatically. You will be able to continue playing after the patch has applied."

Each time the game closes to apply the patch, the patch fails because a new Diablo 3 error window shows up telling me that Diablo 3 is running, and I am unable to install this new patch. Naturally, I am unable to play with my European friends if I cannot get to the European server.

What is the solution to this problem, please?
I do the samething lol but in the other way... I can play on eu. I can't play on US...

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