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I've come across an odd bug where the game forgot some of the achievements I unlocked after logging out.

I played for several hours from launch and amassed around 250 achievement points overall. I log off for a couple of hours and come back on later and it says I have 150 achievement points.

When resuming my game random achievements that I knew I unlocked previously would unlock at odd times like 5 minutes into playing I'll unlock the 'Rarely There' achievement despite already have been wearing some rare items prior.

It also remembers the banner unlocks I acquired with those achievements however if I would edit it and keep the unlock to be used for the final banner and select save it will come up with Error: 395005

I don't really care about the achievement points as they're pretty hard to miss. anyway just through the last bug might be a problem.
Yes I lost my achievements too. So apparently I have no killed the Skeleton King despite being past this and I have not gotten the Templar despite him being next to me. So on and so forth. Of all the things to bug out this one is pretty ridiculous as it suggests the game does not constantly sync up to the server and report the achievements to my account. This is an acceptable bug to encounter.
Yeah just logged in again myself, have got barely any achievement as opposed to what i used to have :l
Ran into this myself. Previous to this post, I obtained, but am now missing, the following:

  • Scavenger (for 10k)
  • A Guiding Light
  • Stolen Moments (in fact, I have the Scoundrel with me right now <_< )
  • The Mad King's End (Normal)
  • A Nice Place To Visit
  • Thorough Investigation
  • Level 10 (Reach level 10)
  • Instant Karma
  • On the side...
  • Chestmaster (I did not obtain this one, yet, but it is reporting that I have opened 5 / 2,000 chests. This is complete bullcrap. I haven't kept mental-count of how many chests I have opened, but I am sure I am well past three-dozen, at least, let alone 5).
  • I've been experiencing this issue too.

    When do you think the first bugfix patch will be released?
    yes this is me this is my problem and I played a couple hours before he went to work. When I restarted after a quick break - only had "coop game" achievement still listed. Also lost credit for probably 6k gold.
    I have not (yet) had any achievement issues, but I have had the 395005 error.

    I cannot save any changes to my banner. It worked at first, but I haven't been able to save changes at least since level 10. I can go into the editor and see the changes, but when I hit save, the error message pops up and I go back to the main character screen with the same banner showing that I had before.
    I have a similar issue.
    On my original computer I created a hero and on THAT computer the hero and achievements saved fine. When I try to load on my SECOND computer the hero and achievements are gone. In addition the hero and achievements I get on my second computer are NOT on my ORIGINAL computer.

    Using the same account of course.

    Maybe I get two accounts for the price of one! :D

    Anyways it is a combo of this thread issue and hero not showing issue threads.
    I have the same problem. I went from 370ish to 100
    Same thing here. Not sure how much I had, but I got to Act 2 doing most of the side quests etc... now I have officially only joined a game and 4 other obvious achieves. Is there any point to playing? Are we going to get these back, or should we just wait for some sort of fix?
    Same here, lost several achievements : / Do we technically still have them or where they reset, can we have an answer as soon as you can Blizzard.
    I'm having this exact same problem.

    I've lost a lot of achievements after logging back in, and creating a game didn't solve this. So like other people, I'm missing a lot of the banner customization rewards I had unlocked despite currently having some of them applied.
    Same here, and i lost a lot, because i get nearly every 30min a disconnect. In spite of most people i do really care about my achievements. For me D3 is not all about loot, but all about achievements.
    Well, Blizz is going to figure it out sooner or laer so I might as well tell you guys take advantage of this glitch while you can... does NOT authenticate accounts correctly at this time.

    What does that mean? Well you are going to get weird achievement and hero loading problems BUT you are alsooooo going to get unlimited accounts until they fix it.

    So get your friends who want to check it out and don't want to pay playing ASAP.

    When you sign into your account on a different computer and you would expect it to say NO you are already signed in it says nothing and lets you continue.

    Pretty big ****** error on their part but it's for real I'm in two online game with two diff heros on two diff computers with one account.
    same here, more achievements gone after relogging.
    same here, please do something about it
    I had over 120 achievement points, now I have 30 after relogging into the game. Apparently I never killed the Skeleton King or got my companions/earned money >.>.
    Same for me, I lost a lot of achievements... i bought a game for this? :´(

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