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and we are rolling..!!! Finally logged in, time to take my lvl17 barb for a spin!
i have error 317002 please fix this im gettin mad.
Le Sigh, can't wait for ArenaNet to finally take over my spare time with Guild Wars 2. Been in their beta for a while now, during their first Open Beta weekend event and a Stress Test. The servers went down for a whole 30mins during the weekend (which was stated by them, unlike Blizzard saying 1 hour then 5 hours later still trying to log in) and a flawless stress test as well. It'll be nice to support a company that knows what their doing, still cares about their consumers and actually makes a full on effort to provide a solid game.

I mean i half expected a launch such as this, considering every blizzard game launch in history being just as bad, if not worse then this. But you can always hope, they finally get their act together and use the years and years of development, months of beta testing/stress testing and the billions of money they make to have a somewhat successful launch.

I even understand the slow log in when the game went live, sooo many people trying to login at the same time. You can never fully anticipate that, however maintenance? Really?

Not acceptable!
Ohh wait now its error 24100..!!!!! Servers are full and can not create game!!!!
why cant I play this game in offline mode? wow WHAT THE !@#$ I wasted 60bucks. %^-* you blizzard for ruining a game that took 15 !@#$ing years to come out

trash company = trash games
im still getting the error msgs
Here's hoping this is fixed promptly, and that they'll leave the stupid West Coast and move to where the highest proportion of population live in Canada/USA. These time frames should be pegged to Eastern Time, since resolving things EST will not inconvenience PST, while PST target fixes are horribly inconvenience for EST.
If you can do it better, feel free to apply for a job at blizzard
Someone still getting error 317002 ? =(
i am
lets add the fact that there are a limited number of characters you can play???? why?>?????? !@#$ you blizz, %^-* you in your neck
Just got kicked after a 10 hour session and getting this error wtf was that free beta weekend for !@#$s and giggles.
Yep, I'm still getting 317002. Getting a string of constant 3006 again now, too.
05/15/2012 12:36 PMPosted by Nrvmoire
lets add the fact that there are a limited number of characters you can play???? why?>?????? !@#$ you blizz, %^-* you in your neck

Everything you are complaining about has been announced by blizzard. Do your research before you complain
oh for a hacked version lol
Time to kill myself.

Have a good day.

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