Error 3003, Launches, and Solo Mode.

Technical Support
We're 14+ hours in to the launch in the Americas, is still throwing me consistent 3003 errors. Now, while I can understand (though I find it entirely unacceptable with the frequency it happens to Blizzard), the infrastructure falling over and failing miserably during the launch, what I don't understand is why you'd punish the userbase by making the game unplayable in even single player mode, when your infrastructure decides to misbehave.

You've launched how many different games, with an online component? D3 was in development for how many years? Are you seriously going to tell me that you didn't have adequate test coverage and capacity, given how many times you've butchered your launches previously?

It's disappointing to see Blizzard botch it this badly. It's even more disappointing to see Blizzard take a dependency on their online infrastructure for solo mode, when it wasn't absolutely necessary. Your infrastructure is not up to industry standards.

The uptime record, assuming there isn't another single minute of downtime for the next entire month, is 98%. In the online business, 98% uptime translates to 'would you like fries with that' for most companies. If you're going to take a hard dependency on infrastructure, at least build it like you mean it.

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