Can't seem to get to hero list again...

Technical Support
The game seemed to have trouble creating a demon hunter and then crashed after over an hour of play, I have now re-opened it and it's giving me errors. It does not seem to want to/be able to load up my heroes list. I would think it was not my computer given I just played on my witch doctor for over an hour.

But this is now 4 times it has given me error 3006/timed out while trying to load my heroes list. Has anyone else encountered this or know a way I would be able to fix this issue?
Nix that, I managed to get through.
i'm geting the same issue and i dont know how to fix this.
I am getting the error where my old lvl 18 baba is gone and so all my gold etc... achievements. Friends list is gone also.

Blizzard WTF is going on !?!?!!?
ya dude whats the deal. i just bought this game an hour ago and i wanna play already
i went to midnight release, stayed up till 3, couldn't play, waited 13 hours and still recieving error 37, can't find hero list, or authenticate. best time ever... XD

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