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As of right now, I am on a Marvel binge. Just finished up the X series (Earth X, Universe X, and Paradise X). Kinda disappointed with the ending but that's what happens when story lines get condensed and cut.
Finishing up "the long halloween" and then moving on to more hellboy.

Rereading the watchmen, i got the orignal 12 comics for my birthday!
Always reading Invincible Iron Man, Punisher, Captain america and The avengers.

Really liking avenging SM and even the new ultimate Comics SM. Interesting writing and nice artwork.

The secret service from Mark Millar is also good. But anything that bloke does is gold.
Okay, so started Age of Apocalypse series with the X-Men. Strange seeing Magneto as the good guy but after ten issues or so it's a great arc.

How do people feel about the art style in comic books? I personally feel that the art in the 80's was hands down the best, at least in terms of talent and direction.
It depends on what you like. You can get some real typical comic/manga type art with bright colours and crisp linework in things like Ultimate SM, or something a little more classic like that done in Captain America and Bucky series.

As comic readers we assume most have a broad range of art style that they like. I loved 80's comic art myself. But i still have a number of artists that i love right now. For example the art work of John Romita Jr and Mark Bagley.
me i read the darkness and curse of the worgen in my ipod wicth the darkness of course
Read the Star Wars books, Green Lantern books, some of the Batman books, The Flash, Justice League, Amazing Spider-man, Ultimate Spider-man, the Avengers books and a few video game related tie ins. Mostly a Marvel fan but Geoff Johns @ DC does good work 2.
Right now Hellboy and Y: the last man
I recommend New 52 : Batman Detective Comics, it's a phenomenal series.

All-Star Western from New 52 is also great. it's an industrial-age Gotham following Amadeus Arkham (psychologist who built the Asylum) and Jonah Hex. It's great.
^Batman Detective Comics, I cannot agree more
-Avengers Vs X-Men

I prefer trade paperbacks as getting specifics are hard to find and usually more expensive
The New 52 is actually really awesome. Wasnt really a DC reader before but i am definitely warming to them now. Still not a superman fan, but The Dark Knight and even green arrow...awesome.
Currently reading a ton of the new 52 stuff, Animal Man, Batman, Aquaman, also some Hellboy and Ultimate Spider-Man

If you haven't read the new 52 Batman run by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, get on it, one of the best comic books I've read in a long damn time
Yeah Animal Man

edit: Superman is lame right now.
I just get em on Ipad right now, no need to worry about ruining a comic.
Finishing up "the long halloween" and then moving on to more hellboy.

Rereading the watchmen, i got the orignal 12 comics for my birthday!

You'll want to read Dark victory after you finish a long Halloween.
Im reading Berserk, but ive red through it a hundred times as it is.. xD

Probably best comic/manga out there, its adult themed with creat character relationships, the best gore out there, and a very very good plot.
But once you read it, you kinda cant stand 99% of the other comic/mangas out there :S

(you need to read quite a few of the books before it really gets you into its story, its a tad complicated in a way)
I collect most of the major mainstream in the DC Universe since Crisis On Infinite Earths till DC: The New 52 arcs.

Titles collected: Action Comics, Superman, Detective Comics, Batman, Batman: The Dark Knight, Justice League, Justice League Dark, I, Vampire, Flash, etc. From early 90s till now.

Apart from the DC Universe - I collect Star Wars, and all those blood and gore comics. The art and writer must be good! Otherwise, it's not worth reading and collecting.

As for mangas - Oh! I collected damn lot of em too. Specifically, horror and mind-twisting kinda. And if anyone reads Gantz - the Armageddon crap is way too boring!!

Don't read DC. Love Invicible (Robert Kirkman mostly). Just finished the Infinity War. I can't get enough of Thanos. AVENGERS SPOILER When he showed up at the end i lost my !@#$ in the theater. I was Disappointed in how lil enthusiasm there was in the room. Oh and the Ultimate universe can suck it. Earth-616 FTW!
NARUTO and Bleach!
Obviously new 52 and avx. I also read DD, marvel max Deadpool, and the boys

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