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Young Avengers anyone??
Just bought both volumes of the Batman: Knightfall arc, all the comics collected together. This is the arc that introduced Bane, and is my way of getting ready for the movie.
I read through the entire Alan Moore Swamp thing run about a month or two ago...

I've been reading the new 52.

Anyone up on the night of the owls batman crossover? Its been awesome.

Just got my animal man, vol. 1 TPB from Amazon. Jeff Lemire is the man.
Just ordered the current ultimate comics: spider-man. Has been such a good series so far. :)
Currently Reading Sankarea :)
Pretty much everything about Star Wars. A bit about history, science and politics too.
I read most of Marvel and some of DC.
Spiderman - all of them
All the X titles
The Ultimate series
New Mutants
All the Wolverine titles

I have followed the X-Men since the early 70's. I was a huge collector until the prices went way up and every issue started having a bunch of different covers that you just HAD to have! lol I had to sell my collection through the years, which I greatly regret.
Ill tell you what comics I am buying at the moment because I haven't had time to read since Diablo 3 came out...

Uncanny X-Force
Age of Apocalypse
A vs X
Avengers Vs X-Men
Batman: The Dark Knight

Graphic Novels
New 52 Stuff like:
Animal Man
Justice League

Looking forward to the new Watchmen Series!
Okay, so started Age of Apocalypse series with the X-Men. Strange seeing Magneto as the good guy but after ten issues or so it's a great arc.

How do people feel about the art style in comic books? I personally feel that the art in the 80's was hands down the best, at least in terms of talent and direction.

I like the comic book art covers from the 60's. They always have their characters on the covers saying some cheezy captions. I love that stuff! So "Americana." Comic book art from the 1980's seems to have a more classic look then that of the actual Golden Age or Silver Age. Its all great stuff however, my favorite comic book art came from the 90's. Many artist, particularly Jim Lee, made me feel that these characters were not goofy superheros anymore. They just looked like they should be taken seriously.
I am read TinTin ~ and the giant mushroom ..
I'm currently re-reading everything Marvel that i own, that includes Thor, Cpt.America, Iron Man, The Avengers, X-Men, Fantastic Four etc As well as the V for Vendetta and the Walking Dead.
Animal Man, Action Comics, Swamp Thing, Batman, Nightwing, The Flash, Justice League, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Superman Family Adventures, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Captain Atom (though that's ending soon) and Earth 2.

I'm a DC fanboy, but I would like to start reading Marvel, if I had more money and could find a good "jumping on" point.

I also like ninjas and turtles.
Saga and Manhattan Projects are both excellent. They are the best "new" comics out, image is
really doing some good things this year.

Revival came out today, good reviews but havent read it yet.

I refuse to read anything with the new 52.

52 new titles, only 44 or so survive. All intertwined story lines. Cancelled 4 already. What happens to the interwined storylines after cancellation. Gay comic book characters. I know there are tons of gay characters but i dont need to read or see green lantern kissing or marrying his boyfriend. F you DC
Currently reading the new Valiant line, really well written so far.
I have been mostly reading some DC New 52 titles as they got me back into comics in a year ago. Mainly collecting Batwoman, Action Comics, Detective Comics, Batman, Justice League, Wonder Woman, Superman, Supergirl, Earth 2, G.I. Combat, and more recently The Phantom Stranger.

Batwoman has been my favorite so far. Very good story and ohhhh man! J.H. Williams III knows how to draw some great panel art. It's so good I hardly understand how he makes his deadlines.

Also reading Saga from Image Comics. My second favorite monthly read at the moment. If you haven't tried that one I would definitely look it up. Very well written and interesting story. Seems to be getting published in six comic parts and then 2 month hiatus where they release a graphic novel of the previous part. The first graphic just released earlier this month.
The Walking Dead

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