switching from dh to wd best idea ever!

Witch Doctor
so i was running a dh to lvl 14 and i decided to switch to the doctor and let me tell you WOW so fun. It took some time getting use to spamming things a the right times but when i did it made this game unreal! im now lvl 15 and waiting for this servers to go back on. What a cool class though!
Congratulations and welcome to the club. You can still shoot stuff from range (that is what Demon Hunters do, right?) and look even cooler doing so.

We light bats on fire, send forth explosive frogs, dogs and spiders, and reanimate humans to murder our enemies! We also drop pots of acid on baddies with optional carcasses on top.

And you can make your gargantuan fart.

It's all really good fun!

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