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Witch Doctor
I just unlocked the fire toads or whatever they are but what should my main damage setup be? I have been using bats mostly with darts but can't decide if I should change to frogs. I'll be honest.. I have no idea what I am doing out there.

As far as soul harvest, whenever I run into a group to do it I end up taking a lot of damage. That or I forget to use it all together. Any guidance for a good set up for my level?

I've found getting soul harvest off, is a case of running into the pack, making a quick U-turn, wait till helpers aggro, run back in, then cast it. You can't go straight in, or you'll lose half your HP.

Personally, I am having a blast using firebomb and dire bats. They are my 2 most spammed abilities. Firebomb is like a ghetto dart, but when there are loads of mobs, it does fantastically well.

I have personally found using the zombie charger to be a bit risky (having to be really close to cast), and the frogs just plain unreliable as they go wherever they hell THEY feel like.

But yeah, the trick I found out, run in, see the mobs move to you, run back fast. That way you are generally out of the firing line, and then you just need to make a quick dart back in, and then go to town with direbats.

I personally use firebomb and direbats. The aoe from them is too good to give up.
Aren't the frogs quite a bit shorter range than the darts? If you didn't Dire rune your bats you'd be all short range attacks and well, no time to wear down the enemy. That's a lot of dps required in ten feet to keep them off you.

Get a decent damage dagger and try splintering darts. Or chuck some spiders? If you throw em ahead a bit (shift + left click) you'd get some range on enemies. Either one you can kinda get em offscreen a bit if you fire ahead.

At that level I ended up with the templar to heal me, it helped til I got used to herding again for soul harvest. Actually just herd them around the templar.
Yeah I agree with ^. I learned to just run just close enough to be in range for soul harvest then run back and do grasp of the dead then dire bat them all to death.

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