Technical Support
Years of work, effort and everything to bring one of the most pro-longed games out, has been a nightmare for half the world.

Blizzard have been un-able to uphold their foresight on the dreaded Error 37.

It was predicted that this would only happen a few times, and we'd be able to log in, also, as logging in recieve 40 second delays. Instead, alot of people have been stairing into blank pixels and filling with frustration.

What does Blizzard have to offer to resolve any questions on this matter?

A 100% proof, game experience, plain and simple. Just have to wait till logging in is necessary, no matter how powerful, or up-to-date a server is, flooding can only ever go so far.

Instead of blaming Blizzard with instagibing their tech Support, how about you all realise "Its just a game, I'll wait untill its fixed in a few hours and/or try tommorow even"
You are generally the only problem, with your spam clicking to get in.

Yours, Vyoh.

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