Error 12 still??

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Can someone explain to me why I can't log in the EU servers? I wanted to play on EU with my friends, but I couldn't because my bnet region is US, but now the US servers are live and I can;t play EU.

I don't understand.
They STILL haven't turned on global play! They say it's because they're waiting for servers to stabilize, but would it HELP to spread the server load from US over to EU and Asia (which are running fine right now)?!?
Man my friend from EU can log into US, but I cant go in EU.. wtf.. they allow global play only for EU then?
i am on EU and i still can't log into both NA or Asia
When will they turn global play on??

Seriously I hate myself..

I am waiting for so long to play this game..

Once I have to wait so many hours after the release it in asia and europe.. and watch them play.. and then I am up until 3 AM... trying to log in for 2 !@#$ing hours, I can't log in even in the us..

When I finally log in the US, I try to log in in Eu again, and nothing..

I hate this.
still same problem here ...

btw make a post there

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