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So this morning I started the diablo 3 client and did the full install, only to discover upon launch that the client I had used was the Beta client, that I downloaded when the open beta weekend happened. There was no differentiation between the beta client and the actual client on my mac.
Is there any way to fast track the re download? I have already transferred all the 'Data' files from the Diablo 3 Beta folder into the new folder the actual game client created.
Any ideas?
You will need to re-download the game as the files from beta are different than live.
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sure thing. I have got to just below 4.4Gb remaining, so in the 'playable' amount of data. However when I press play, it seems to just freeze on a black screen with music playing. When I force quit, it says it's unable to validate core data or something like that... any ideas?

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