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SO let me get this straight.. I can accomplish an achievement in one game, but when I take the same character into a new game, they go away. I had the skeleton king kill 15 of his henchmen and then went to help my brother in his game, but when I got there, I had NONE of my achievements accomplished. Is this supposed to happen?
I had this happen too, with the exception of I didn't go into anyone else's game. I just quit and logged back in.
05/15/2012 05:37 AMPosted by Bilymays
I had this happen too, with the exception of I didn't go into anyone else's game. I just quit and logged back in.

Exact the same thing for me. I wouldn't otherwise care about achievements but these actually give rewards so it makes me not want to play.
I'm sure it's some kind of server/character data issue that will be resolved. Just need to get it some attention.
I lost several achievements this way, to include skeleton king kills, templar, and one other I cannot recall.

Play and get achievements.
a. I exited the dungeon after I killed skeleton king and got achievements for it.
b. I did not pick up next quest but listened to Deckard and the Fallen Star talk.

When I logged back in my achievements that I had just earned were gone, all the way back to templar achievement.
Yeah I lost skele king kill, templar, a couple of the exploring ones, and one of the crafting ach's. I just hope that once a fix is in place that I won't be missing out on them until nightmare difficulty.
I had over 120 achievement points earlier this morning...logged out for an hour, come back, and I'm down to 10. WTF??
Lol. At least you still have 10 pts. All of mine disappeared.
The exact same thing happened to me after i got disconnected. I had some sort of error message pop up while playing hours before then that i didn't pay any attention to it since it didn't seem to affect my game at all. I'm not sure if i lost some achievements before that error too but i do know everything after that got wiped.

So i have to ask did anyone else encounter an error while playing that didn't seem to do anything?
I also lost all of my achievements after logging back in to the game. Hopefully a blue poster notices this and the issue is addressed!
Me and my friends achievements are all gone as well after the internet here crashed... gg :(

we each had close to 500 half way through act 2 T_T
I guess I will submit a bug report or trouble ticket or something on this.
Had a lot of achievements after playing for 4 and a half hours all night with my buddies. I logged on today and they were all gone. I didn't notice until I'd taken a new character into Tristram and was getting achievements I already had. I thought it was a by character thing so I swapped to the one from last night and it didn't have them either. Quite a bit annoying. :(
"Achievement Restorations
Customer Support cannot award or alter achievements in Diablo III. If an achievement is not awarded and you feel that it should be, please attempt the achievement’s criteria again."


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