Error 28010

Bug Report
Got this after changing (or at elast trying) my banner... i cant use the ones who I unlocked... explain urself
Got the same problem..
same here! i can't even invite or join my firends
Same error on Asia server only
Also char image is not showing up, says unknown but at resume it all looks ok

America server dont have any of the above problems, just there the AH does not work if you sold items or bought something, its not showing up. No info window that there is any problem with America AH

Should shut down all diablo servers and fix login and AH bugs imo.

Wonder why all those errors did not show up in beta

A better information flow to the customers about whats going on would be a nice touch of actually showing someone cares at blizz

Its also sad that even now error codes with no further info is thrown at customers. By now programers should have inproved to be more helpful for endusers.

So instead only show "error 28010" better something like, "...we are sorry but someone screwed up the permission settings of the flag database on Asia Servers...", or whatever the real problem of the error is.
@AP: A lot of these error codes don't show up in Beta because of the amount of strain the server has from Beta isn't really a strain at all versus the full game with about 7 million + people with the game now.

I got this error... But when I logged in, I had issues with my character list being retrieved (it just took a long time). I can't load a game at all now though. I didn't receive this error until I attempted to change my banner on the American server.

Also, AP, the American AH is having issues. There was a notice about this prior to the 1.02 and 1.02a patches being released. I think when 1.02a went live, they took down the notice of the slow AH, but advised players to wait out any issues with the AH. These issues are currently only delayed, no threat of losing gold/items.

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