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Okay, I dont know if this would work for everyone or Anyone else... but I had invited a few of my friends over for a D3 Launch Party last night and We started the Pre downloads Around 9PM MST well in advance Unfortunately we had all run into the Uploading Setup Files issues and Tried all the fixes and Nothing happened... We all are running Either Windows XP or 7 - Lone and Behold I decided after everyone had gone to sleep to try and figure the issue out. After countless attempts of trying all other Issues. I said lets put every computer in "Safe Mode - With Networking"... Luckly this worked out and we have all be able to install Diablo 3.

"Instructions for Dummies"

Additional Information
Digital Copies of The Game
Running Windows XP - 7 Across All 6 Computers
All stuck at Updating Setup Files Between 30-90%

How To Fix Updating Setup Files Error.

1) Complete Download of Diablo 3 from Blizzard Download - 7.6GB Until it closes its self and Tries to Run the Install, Some of the computers this took up to about 30 Minutes so Please be paitent.

2) Restart Each Computer and Start in Safe Mode With Networking (Press and Hold F8 for those who dont know who to do so)

3) Find the Install file that should of been placed either on your desktop or Documents and Allow it to Run.

4) Give it 3-5 Minutes - Go Smoke Some Trees.

5) Install the Full Game.

Restart Computer in Non Safe Mode ( Stardard Restart)

Game should appear Installed and Good to Go.

I hope this helps out a few people. Please Post Feed Back and Share with out Users.

Much Love from Canada.

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