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did nz just get the short end of the stick? or is just me who cant log in, waited a whole day for a release we couldnt use till 7pm, now we cant even log in :(
Na Australia got it too mate
No.. im not getting in either... :(
Dito man. ive tried to log in for an hour. Epic Fail.
i gave up waiting gonna go out
yea man told 5pm A.E.S.T and now 6pm and nothing...
Just you, I believe. :(

Nope. The servers seem to be overloaded. :(
this is total bullsh*t, you'd think they would have been more prepared for this but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
are you guys stuck on the first log in screen ? the log in is a grey colour ?
Pretty ordinary
got to the "retrieving hero's" bit 4 times and it times out.
One does not simply walk into Diablo 3
got to think for all those servers on WoW, they could spare a couple more for us aye?
error 37 kills me..!
seriously starting to think that blizzard dont want aus/nz to play their game...............
i might just go back to diablo 2 at least i can play that offline no worries
same thing happened to me so exited, now I cant even get back to that screen, just gay error 37
well,I hope there is a local single play mode.
I hope there is a mod of some sort on watching this!
my log in is a not a grey colour.. does anyone actually know anyone in either NZ or AUS who is actually playing right now?

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