Ran the beta just fine, graphics issues now

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Running a ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200, not seeing it listed for the hotfix and i'm not seeing it listed as unsupported. Did get the message that it wasn't supported during install and got it during the beta, but i've triple checked the lists...

Ran the beta smooth as butter, but now I'm getting graphic glitches while in game. Could it be because of the servers under stress?

heres a pic, sorry for the quality. Was having issues getting a proper screenshot --> http://i940.photobucket.com/albums/ad244/LykanLunatik/photobucket-4802-1337073135899.jpg
I have the same graphics card and am running into this issue as well.
i know the boards are lightning quick tonight, wanting to know if there is a fix as i'd like to play.

Really hoping its server lag, so I might just sleep it off and try again tomorrow...really bummed
Having the same problem with same card. Camera also gets screwed up when going into a building. The ceiling graphic gets stuck and i have to change video settings to fix it or i can't see anything
Same here, managed to get into the Inn with Leah and the ceiling started to jut out everywhere. Not to mention I can't see my spells when I cast from my Wizard
having the same issue here, beta was fine for me now i am getting some random color glitches like the picture attached by the OP, using AMD radeon HD 6800 series
bumping this one more time before i leave for the night. I'd say just try it tomorrow guys, its most likely the servers
bump for help

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