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Im getting booted randomly and getting error 3007.
I am getting the same thing. I though it might have been my graphics card drivers so i updated them but it didn't help. I am usually in the game for a few minutes then it boots me and logs me off.
same, im trying to reinstall now and uninstalled my beta, I hope it helps
yeah i uninstalled my beta before i installed the game. Obviously didn't help me. Let me know if the re-install works.
happens to me too, but i doubt this has anything to do with graphics or whatever. seems like disconnecting to me. WAY too often though.
Doesnt seem to be graphics for me either, completely random, and also happens at the end of events. Reinstall didnt work.
I'm pretty sure this is a network problem, not graphics. Blizzard's fault, in other words.
hope they fix this soon. its getting annoying
It seems to be mostly when events finish, but also will do it randomly too.
i keep getting it all the time at compleatly random events
some say its something related to router and its ports. no idea why that should be a problem since every other online game works fine, but there you go.
At this point I cannot play the game, I did a router/compy restart, and I get booted randomly, even mid cutscene. I really want to be blizz's biggest fan, but I cannot even play their game. I've supported online only until tonight.
I get this error 3007 too. I've been waiting years for this game, pre-ordered it, now can't even play it without having to restart the game every 3 minutes
Sigh. I don't seem to remember this kind of stuff happening during the original Diablo or D2 launch.
i can't even login, before i connect and create a character i get error 3007
Same problem, video drivers updated, all hardware rebooted, and crazy annoyed. Even in a single player only game I get booted just as much as in multiplayer.
WTB Blizz tech support! PST!
I get booted more single player, and in mp I get to save my progress.
Get stuck at authenticating credentials and then times out to error 3007.
I cant say too much about multiplayer because my friends are sick of me disconnecting every 2 to 10 random amount of minutes.

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