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14% - 1h 30m

Cant wait for the 'Play' button to glow :)
Oddly, Geeklads method worked for me as well. I walked away so I don't know exactly how long it took but before starting and stopping the copy to disk it completely failed to load and it was not more than an hour when I checked back after and it was complete.
I had this problem, so I downloaded Slysoft Clone CD and ripped the disc to an ISO (took ~ 14 minutes), mounted the disk image and started installing, 5 minutes later I'm at 63%.
At the beginning I was like wtf, my dvd drive started spinning insanely fast and first 2% took like 15 min, then I checked google came here and read the first two pages. 5-10 minutes later the dvd drive became quiet I went to check % and it was past 70% so at least for me between I would say 3-10% it jumped like crazy. Had me a little worried though.
Oh idk if it matter but I did decide to install this 1 game to my SSD.
i had the same problem for 20 minuts but after that the installation went really fast...
In order to rectify this problem, you will need to copy all the hidden files on the disk to your hdd and install from there, or you can update your dvd rom drive's firmware and all should work normally, get your model numbers and codes on your dvd rom and these words on eg. "[make] [model] firmware". I used "HP serialcode firmware"
simple i copied the dvd over and took the disc out then installed from my HD took 15 min all
So slow!!! i hope something happens and it installs instantly.
I think I know a solution. While having the slow as hell download speed, log into your blizzard account and click "download client" (be sure you've entered the game CD key on the CD sleeve, not just activating a "starter" digital version of the game, should be marked as a "standard" version) and click your OS's client hyperlink.

You should hear your disk drive go into beastmode and the game will finally begin installing at a regular rate. :3

There's no need to actually use the downloaded file, I let it download and deleted it after the game installed.
I just opened my cd drive, and put it back in, helped...just clicked continue after an error message :)
mine only, took an hour.
mine, had taken about 1 hour, a ssd helps though.
hey man that unclicking of the Lan option works but also changing compatability to windows 7 helps also
takes about 35 mins for mine,some of it comes down to how quick your computer is,most are running big uber graphics for the game but we all know the game once installed doesnt run off disk.Really depends on things like if your CD ROM is Sata IDE what speed it reads at what size the CPU is how much ram u hold......and of course how much more software you got running in the background.All these things have a effect on installing D3 or any game for that matter.Never had a problem with mine although i know the slower a install is the more errors you may get due to install taking to long.(most computers get upset with software that takes to long) its kinda a way of your computer telling you its getting as pissed off as you are lol.
I am Cletus and I am obliged to express my outrage at uber slow install speed, 2 years, 2 years.after people were complaining about it.

I would also like to point out that I play the heck out of POE which everybody says is better than D3, in spite of them I bought your crappy game anyways. Thanks for the irony Blizzard you're welcome for old posts being dug up. Deal well struck.
i would rather install net framework.. cuz both take a whole millennium to install, well actulay it takes so long that even a new prime evil could rise until the install is finished.
Ha ha ha! It took my install over 24 hours to finish! UH! Why???
I didn't even get this far....I put my RoS CE disc in it starts spinning nothing happens. I then open the set-up file, it then retrieves data from through a progress bar then just opens the game app/launcher still nothing. I registered my game key and clicked install/re install game from game management then d/l the client it opens up the game launcher again, nothing about wanting to install RoS. Please help?!
There isn't anything to install, it was all patched in in version 2.0.
That would explain it. thanks

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