Network Disconnect

Technical Support
The game connection has been lost: Your client has been disconnected from the server

Just wondering if this is a common problem, and if it has anything to do with connecting to a college/University internet.
same problem here
Are you connecting from a campus internet?
Same issue here, can't log into any characters
Same problem here and yes, I am connecting from campus internet
Same issue. Can't even start playing,
Managed to log in three times, see my character and walk around for maybe 30seconds before disconnecting again.
This continues to be a problem to a large amount of people, yet still no response.
Same here, not connecting from univ internet. No problems with sc2 whatsoever.
Same here..been trying last night for 3 hours
Didnt even got to play at least one session.
I second that mikstat
Same problem here, not campus network (Comcast Xfinity). Happens consistently when Captain Daltyn's ice bombs detonate.
been plagued by this for the past hour it is very anoying

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