WD - Are they "Healers?"

Witch Doctor
I told myself moving forward in these games, I would look to a class that had the ability to heal. My initial thoughts were "Monk", but many of my friends are planning on playing Melee classes (Barbarians and Monks). Does the WD have the ability to heal? Party heal?
Soul Harvest + Siphon
Big Bad Voodoo + Ghost Trance
A few very limited, situational heals. A WD is definitely not a "Healer".
I would argue that the monk is the only real "healer", and this is a tertiary role at best. Diablo III characters are all self sufficient so a dedicated support class isn't really needed.
I'd agree diablo isn't really about healers and supporters, but instead complimenting abilities and powers to overcome the enemy. Any healing abilities are relatively minimal..this game is all about killing, if you arent killing you're more than likely dying :)
Hex + hedge magic
And as mentioned, BBV + ghost trance
the WD can heal pretty well
I tread a detailed post in beta that broke down the skills by the numbers, WD has healing almost = to monk (in some ways better, in some ways worse). There are no true healers in this game, but WD is as close as it gets.
This is not WoW where a party is composed of a tank, healer and dps'ers. I heard it somewhere in one of the previews.

Each party member can stand on his own without a healer.
I would say that WD's are the most capable healers in D3. In one spec, and one spec only.

I play a sacrifice WD, with 2+ Atk Sec, and For the Master rune on dogs, giving approx 1+ Health Globe/Sec, which = The best spammable healing output in any class, for the party.

To top that off I heal myself for crazy amounts all the time, due to hp per. sacrifice.

tldr; Sacrifice WD's = Best healer
since we can summon healthglobes with 0dogs, yes we are awesome healers. I've seen my regen up to 100k+ a second. i have 10k+ on globe pickup, and i encourage my party members to have at least 1 piece with +hp on globe pickup, but it isn't even really necessary.
Sacrifice healing is the only way to go for a whole party heal. A Sac WD can do mp10 with lesser gear than other builds.
Does the WD have the ability to heal? Party heal?

Yes WD are awesome at it! We are doctors for a reason.

Aside from Hex - Hedge Magic and BBV Ghost Trance, WD can heal indirectly as well:
Try this.
  • Get GotD - Death is Life will spawn health globes
  • Get Zombie Dogs - Final Gift will leave behind health globes when they die
  • Get Sacrifice - Next of kin so you can kill those dogs to drop health globes
  • Also get Circle of Life with some pick up radius, so you constanly have a supply of dogs
  • I recommend getting Gruesome Feast because it will benefit you, from your health globes, and Zombie Handler so you can have more dogs out.

    Here's the build.

    Choose your favourite primary and you are set. If your team has any Wizards, tell them to put on Power Hungry, and if it has Demon Hunters tell them to put on Vengeance. They'll love it!

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