"You have been removed from the game"

Technical Support
This was happening this morning every 20 minutes, but I figured it was just a server load thing so I shrugged it off and went about my day's business. However, I just started playing again and its happening again.

Every 15-25 minutes it kicks me out and says the topic message. Then when I try to rejoin, it gives me an error about making sure all my party members are not in a game even though I'm not in a party. If I try to logout, the game freezes.
Yeah same thing happening to me too! Really annoying!
I am glad I am not the only one. I thought it was my internet connection or my DNS service. Refreshing DNS doesn't help by the way.
I guess this was be expected buying probably one the most anticipated games of all times on the first day.
One thing I must admit, I really am beginning to hate this cloud gaming crap. I just want to play the game through before I go online and play with everyone else. I wish they had an completely off-line option of play. I understand copy protection and the auction house feature; but lets just say older games out of the box that didn't require connections to the internet, let you play the game whether the server was overloaded or not. I played version 1.0 of Diabo 2 for a month before I even ventured on battle.net with it.

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