Buying a new laptop.

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So my Lenovo T-420 Thinkpad cant run Diablo

the piece of !@#$ cost be a grand and it cant even run a computer game. but thats life lol

so i want to trade it in for a lap top that can run D3 (and other computer games) at medium to high graphics level, really smoothly.

How much am i looking at as far as laptops go?
Integrated Intel HD4000 graphics can play D3 at nearly max settings in the newer 3rd gen "Core i" laptops.
How old is your T-420, and did you get one with dedicated graphics?

I usually play on my desktop, but I've got a relatively newer T-420 with the NVIDIA Quadro NVS4200M and it does fine on higher settings.
Thanks for the reply, i got it this year
thats the thing of coarse i !@#$ed up and got the Intel(r) HD Graphics family

on the i7
in i7 with intel HD grahics wow you got rip off my friend you need a nvidia card or ati card on that lappy
tell me about it so sad. I think its for all those accounting majors. who get off on excel spread sheets
So any one know of a cheap laptop i could trade it in for?

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