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For some reason i seem to not be getting achivments in game. While im doing the same things things with other players and their gaining them. Is there a reason for this?
Well. my achivments didn't save from last night : (
this is the third time that im seeking help with my achivments, blizzard customer support denies every single ticket related to bugs in game (i wonder why they even give option to try and create a ticket just to get the same screen saying "we cant accept this kind of request"), so here i am seeking help in the foruns....

my CHAMPIONS COLLECTION ACHIVEMENT does not register my kills, there is only 3 enemies left in the list

-fallen cur
-plague swarm

come on blizzard how many times must i ask your help in this situation??? i know that you guys have tons of problems and a lot of players to give attention, but i have this problem SINCE THE LAUNCH OF DIABLO 3!
Same here: achievements progression seems to be lost from session to session.

For "A Rare Phenomenon", I killed the rare "Armaddon" (quite difficult to find, BTW) and the rare "Maniacal Golgor". Both were checked in the game, I seen it. Now they're UNchecked.
Since I also have "Mallet Lord" and "Sand Dweller" missing too, how can I validate this achievement if I must find four super rares monsters in ONE AND ONLY ONE game???

Same for "Fallen Cur" and "Plague Swarm" ("Champion's Collection"), still not validated after so many runs...
Today, both "Armaddon" and "Maniacal Golgor" are checked again in my achievements list... WTF??

If a problem exists with achievements' completion, why isn't it shown on main login screen?
10 days after my post on this thread and no response from blizzard...
For some days i'm not reciving any achivments and as i try to check achivments there is connection error.(28024). can you fix it

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